Time Warner Cable Customer Service / terrible service company wide

United States

I needed phone service at my home and since I already had Time Warner cable, I thought it would be simpler to get Time Warner phone service. I never like to call Time Warner because they have the most incompetent customer service employees on the phone as well on the chat lines. I decided to get information and place my order through the chat line because if they get it wrong I would have a transcript of the chat. So had to do this twice because they got the order wrong the first time. I take off work and waited an hour, the technician did not show. I called and the customer service employee said the tech may be running late and he would call me at a phone number that was not mine. I informed her that was not my phone number and she goes on to tell me the name associated with the order was someone named Jack. Not clearly my name. I informed that was not correct and do not recognize the number. She proceeds to tell me that was the name and number I gave her when I placed the order. I have a copy of both transcripts and I did not give them that name and number. So now I wait once again. We need more options for cable and phone services in all of North Carolina. Time Warner provides the worst service ever and I have not ever met anyone that has good things to say about the service.

Aug 06, 2014

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