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On 8/18/2012 I cancelled the cable tv / Internet service with Time Warner Cable, paying the service until the end of the month and returning all the equipment. Time Warner continued charging my credit card in September and October. When I realized this I asked the customer service to stop charging and send me a check with the amount that was illegally charge on my card. they promised a check was scheduled to be sent by the 4th week of October. Today it is November 4th, 2012: I did not receive any check, but I received an email indicating that they will charge my card for the month of November. Since I am not a customer anymore, I cannot access my account to stop the payments. The call center is totally unresponsive, they bounce me from one analyst to another. It is frustrating, to say the least.

Time Warner Cable

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      Nov 04, 2012

    First cancel your cc. Alert your bank about fraud.
    Google CMRRR and let them have one. Make sure to mention this refers to my conversation to cancel my account with your CSR on ...
    Prohibit them from charging your account forthwith. That if they do you shall consider this as harassment you shall seek legal redress. Further, that they ignored your instructions dated ... and continued to debit your cc while you ceased to be a customer on ... By receipt of your letter you are therefore serving them notice to reverse charges dated ..., and ... immediately or within 30 days. That this is their notice to comply and that upon failure to do so within 30 days you intend to vigorously seek legal redress.

    In the future it is not enough to cancel with customer service. Always follow it with a CMRRR.

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