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Time Warner Cable / strange charges and other crap

1 595 Lumbee rdBoiling Springs, NC, United States Review updated:

When we moved here i found out that time warner was the only cable company available. We have dish network and like it, but we needed internet and a phone. The first time i called i was told they had to do a service availability request, and the csr saw that my neighbor has twc but they have to come anyway. It is supposed to take three days. A week later i call and get someone with an indian accent and is rude. He tells me not to call as it takes ten days for the service request.
Three days after that (A total of ten days) i call and talk to john. He tells me there has been no request put in. By the way he sounds like he is eating and out of breath which is not something i like to hear over the phone. So he puts in a new request and says to call back in about a week. Two days later the twc van pulls up in the driveway, i see him write something down, and he drives away. Ten minutes later i get an automated phone call from twc that says " service is available in your area, please press one to be connected. . . We have a special that ends on this date. . . Etc"
Excited, i call back and talk to a woman who informs me that the service request has not been completed, and it takes a few days for the tech to put it in the computer. When asked about the message, i was told it was an error.
Two weeks and many phone calls later, i get a call from john, who still sounded out of breath, and he said that (Surprise!!) service is indeed available. So i set up the bundle for $99 for the cable, phone and internet. They were supposed to come out next tuesday (He called on a tuesday) between 8am and 12pm.
Ten minutes later, john calls back, and left a message that phone service was not available in my area, and that they would still honor the $29. 99 price for internet and cable. He also said he had a friday am appointment available, and if i wanted that then to call and reschedule.
I called back and talked to a woman to tell them i did not want to reschedule, she said fine, and that was that.
Friday at around 10am, i hear knocking. It is pouring rain out and i open the door to see a guy in all white, driving a plain white truck. He says in a very heavy spanish accent that his name is jose, he is time warner and he is here to install my cable. I tell him my appoinment is on tuesday and i am about to leave. He thanks me, and says i am doing him a favor since it is raining, and leaves. The next day i get a phone call from twc, saying the tech was unable to make contact with me and when do i want to reschedule.
I tell them i called and made sure my appt was tuesday, and i was told that it had indeed been changed to friday and the next available date was thursday.
Early thursday, jose shows back up, walks in and asks where i want the cable installed. We had dish cables running in the walls, so he assumed he could use those. I informed him that we were keeping those cables as i had paid for the next couple of months of dish, i want new lines run, and he was less than thrilled. He then tells me he will be drilling holes in my floor. I tell him we want them in the walls. He goes on a rampage about how i should have told them that when i made the appointment, that he didn't want to do it, and he wasn't qualified, and that it would take too long. And that it costs $40 per wall. He then walks out the door after fussing at me for my lack of something, and leaves.
My husband then calls twc. About five minutes after he leaves i get a call from a very nice southern woman from the local office. She asked what happened, then apologizes several times and says jose is one of the best techs and didn't know why he would say these things. I told her that i knew why. He is a subcontractor and gets paid per job, not per hour. She apoligized some more and told me they would make it right, and we would not be charged for the wall outlets since i had so much hassle, and was told intallation was free. (I asked when i set up the appointment if there would be any charges for installation, the modem, etc, and was told no it was all no charge)
A few minutes later two guys show up, who were very nice. Within an hour they had everything up and going. However there was a problem at the pole outside and was informed that someone would be coming out in a couple of days to fix it, and our cable would be fuzzy until then.
Fast forward a few weeks. I have had internet problems, cable problems, another visit from the nice techs, endless conversations with not so nice call center reps and am waiting now for them to come switch out a bad digital box. We were told that we would be credited for services since our box has been messing up for over a week. And i just got a bill for over $300 and haven't even had the service for a month! I have spent more time on the phone with them than using their services. If i had another provider i would not be with twc, but they are a monopoly in my area. What do i do?

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      11th of Dec, 2008
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    I have had very similar problems and you are correct about the contractors; they do not even work for Time Warner and the one here to install the digital phone was here for 6 hrs. and it still did not get connected. The next day a Time Warner technician got it working. Here is my deal in a nutshell
    1. bundle package would have saved me about 55 dollars per month because of the phone company charges; that is why I took the package.
    2. I have a desktop and a laptop; when they connected the internet it only works on the laptop and told me I would have to buy a usb wireless internet adapter for my desktop which I did not have to do with the phone company but If I don't buy it they will charge me an extra $5 a month to use theirs.
    They are using my own router but there are no charges removed for doing so.
    3. I have had this for less than 3 weeks and it has been nothing but problems. today the 5th technician will be here because I have not had showtime for days.
    I have already had a new modem put in by one technician, a new cable box, then because they wanted to put the digital phone modem close to the phone jack they put it upstairs instead of working on the ones downstairs because it might take a little more work in my opinion.
    When I ordered this bundle I was not asked one question about my computers; whether they were desktop or laptops? Whether the os was Windows or Vista; absolutely nothing. So, this technician tells me I won't be able to use Vista with the RR e-mail, and of course the desktop would have to have the wireless adapter. Well, when I had the phone co. for dsl internet the modem sat on top of the desktop computer that has XP with my router on top of it so when I bought my new laptop with Vista which I did not have a choice because they had stopped putting xp on computers and put Vista instead. Anyway, I had no problem with the dsl and it worked on both computers. I have already received a bill even though they have given me a $20 credit due to the problems but that is not enough. They just keep saying, oh once everything is going right you will love it. I know this will sound funny to some but I have post traumatic stress syndrome and this does not help anything. I finally just broke down and cried one day for a couple of hours because nothing was going right, I was sick of calling customer service and I was definitely tired of the service in the Phillipines. One of their workers told me she could not understand me and I screamed back I did not understand her either. I have been so nice except for that time but I am at the end of my rope and if this is not fixed quick I may keep the cable because I have no choice here but I will go back to the phone company. I would never recommend anything that time warner offers to anyone. Sorry this is so long but it helps to talk about it.
    The two time warner technicians have had nothing good to say about the contracting installers because they do not know as much so hire more trained people instead of trying to get away with installers that don't know that much and then technicians have to come out anyway and fix the problem; talk about economy. This cannot be economical for anyone.

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