Philadelphia, United States

I ordered my wedding dress on December 7th 2011. The dress came in a plastic wrapping. I opened the package and the dress was folded up (not cool). The dress was beautiful BUT the lining of the dress was dirty!!! If that wasn't bad enough the dress couldn't fit!!! I was pissed!!
I email tidebuy that same day and it took them 3 days to respond back. They said I needed to upload a video of me trying on the dress...I did that and it wasn't enough. They said I needed to take pictures of me in a thin t-shirt of my hips, waist and bust...I did that and it wasn't enough. They said I needed to take measurement of the dress and I did that and it still wasn't enough.

I am normally a size 10 but I ordered a size 14 just to be on the safe side but I guess it wouldn't have matter because my dress was still made too small. Tidebuy then said that it appears that my hips are bigger than what they made the dress to fit but they want me to measure the dress to double check. I did and they said "we realize that the dress hip measurement are smaller than your hips but because their was a wrinkle in the dress when you measured it the measurement is inaccurate". REALLY!!! a wrinkle made such a drastic change in the measurement!!! My measurement is as follows 34, 32 and 43. The hips of the dress was 35 and my hips are a 43.
They told me all they could refund me was $20. I paid $210 for a dress and veil that I cannot wear. I was beyound upset. I decided to call the number they provided and at first it seems like the number isn't a working number but u need to google their area code which is 011 cause if you don't put that area code in front of the number you would never get through. I call them and they was RUDE!!! They can't speak english to save their life!!! All the women kept saying "no full refund call back monday". I ask to speak to a manager and the got off the phone started talking angrily in her language came back on the phone and said "no manager call back monday".

I have the emails and pictures that I have sent tidebuy and their responses if no one doesn't believe me. Just email me at [protected] and I will send u the pictures of the dress and their emails etc. DON'T BUY FROM TIDEBUY!!! DON'T DO IT DON'T DO IT DON'T DO IT. Horrible horrible. I am sure their are sites that are better and more professional than tidebuy. DON'T BUY FROM TIDEBUY!!!

Also their site said it takes 7 days to rectify the dispute well they took 3 months. On march 23rd 2012 is when they told me they are going to refund me ONLY $20.(remember I ordered my dress on december 7th 2011) If you don't email them atleast 3 times in one day they are not going to respond to you. They take at least 1 week to respond to your email.

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