Tidebuy / poor quality, different sizes than ordered


Do not order from tidebuy!!!

I had ordered 3 dresses at the total cost of 444 us$ (!!!) all in a very crappy quality, bad finishing, poor lining - the lining shows at the sides of the dresses! All of the dresses had been paid extra for a custom size, all came in different sizes!! And I mean a size 12 in comparison to a size 4 ordered!

They take much urge in claiming their money, but when it comes to dealing with a dispute, you are likely to be left standing with a cheap, ugly and wrong-sized dress. Obviously I did not get any refund nor help from them.

Just one short quote from their customer service: "please be aware that all the dresses are custom made after you place the order. It is really a difficult work for us to finish them in such a short time". So why do you commit on quality and custom sizing if you know, in advance, that you can not provide it???! Uuughghghh!!! (Sorry, i'm just so mad right now).

Be aware!

Jul 30, 2013

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