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I purchased tickets for a performance at Lincoln Center from the online ticket merchant TicketsNow. The price indicated on the TicketsNow website was $263. After placing my order through the website at the agreed upon $263 for the 4 tickets, I received an email confirming my order, but the charge on my card was the unauthorized amount of $1, 224.75 I went to the Better Business Bureau and on their website they indicate that TicketsNow has had a total of 481 complaints issued by consumers in just the last 36 months specifically for the reasons I am stating:

From the Better Business Bureau website regarding TicketsNow:

“Consumers allege to have been charged overpriced fees for tickets purchased to shows and events, sometimes paying up to double the price for the purchase of the tickets. Additionally, consumers state that the offer and presentation during the sale of the tickets online is either confusing, misleading and/or appears to be an offer directly from the merchant or venue where the show and/or event is to be held, as opposed to an independent ticket broker.

“Consumer complaints further allege that upon realizing that the tickets they have purchased were significantly more expensive than the Face Value price - this price allegedly not having been disclosed in advance and consequently rendering consumers not able to make an informed purchasing decision - consumers allege to have had no recourses available to them; no refunds, no exchanges, and no cancellations, as per the company's contract”.

TicketsNow is a subsidiary of TicketMaster. How this flagrantly criminal operation has not been closed down is beyond belief.

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  • Wh
      Mar 15, 2010

    I was trying to get a ticket to Conan O'Brien in Seattle on April 19th. I accidently forgot to indicate how many I wanted and after the order was placed I realized I had ordered 7 tickets. I called them numerous times and they wouldn't even consider helping me out and charged my credit card almost 900.00. They said it was up to the scalper and he of course said no.

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  • Ar
      May 12, 2015

    I was searching for tickets to Aladdin as my mom wanted to buy tickets and take her four grandchildren and I was rerouted to ticketsnow website.
    Their site showed the seats on a chart and I selected five seats in the first row on the balcony at 119$ each, then it asked me to create an account and enter my credit card info. After that it said there was an additional charge of $4.95
    I asked my mom if she still wanted the tickets with the additional amount and she said yes. There was another botton that said add $40 of some kind of insurance, when I said no to that option it immediately went to a page that said that my transaction was complete and my total was $718.95
    I couldn't believe my eyes, there was a number to call and I did immediately and costumer service said they didn't have any information about my "order". I called my credit card immediately and they said we had to call the merchant, they connected me on a three way call and when I started explaining to them that I was charged $119 more than I was supposed to and there were no seats(later it turned out they sent me an email and my seats were not the once I selected on the first row). The costumer service re. Just hang up the phone even though I was explaining everything in a very calm way. I was thinking that an error like this would be fixed but the bank said they had to call them again. This time the rep. Said that the tickets were final sale and there was no refund of any kind. I can't believe this is permitted, they are horrible predators.
    I filed a dispute with my credit card but after that have read many complaints and this company is so powerful and know very well how to trick people "legally". This is very sad and I wishes someone found put an end to these thieves. Not only I was charged an extra $119 in what they claim is service charge but the actual price on the tickets they emailed me is $62. I went back to the site and now they changed, it doesn't show the seats on a map.
    I wrote to the manager and here is their reply. The letter is saying that they will deal directly with credit card company, not me. Meaning, if I contact them, they'll ignore me. Very nasty and unprofessional!They also claiming that I had time to review the order.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us. Prior to purchasing, you are given the opportunity to review all costs associated with the order and you are able to review the details of your order, including the Section, row, & Service Fee prior to hitting the Submit Order button.

    After selecting the tickets you requested, you would have viewed the Order Screen. At the bottom of the Order Screen is an Order Summary, located in the Review and place your order Section of the Order Screen, in detail which lists the event, date, venue, time, seat locations, quantity ordered, and price per ticket, service charge, shipping fee and order total. All fees associated with your purchase are shown in the Review and Place your Order Section.

    Unfortunately, per our sales terms and conditions, there are no cancellations, refunds, or exchanges on any order once it has been submitted to us. This policy is in place because when you place your ticket order, we immediately begin to secure and acquire those tickets for you and are not able to recover our costs. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, however, you may post your tickets for resale to help recover some if not all costs associated with this order.

    As a consumer it is your right to dispute this transaction. I am not showing that a dispute has been filed at this point only that you have contacted us with your bank on the line. Once we hear from your credit card company we will provide all the information requested along with the sales terms and conditions you stated you read and agreed to prior to submitting this order. If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to this matter please contact your credit card company. Due to the pending dispute to be filied through your credit card company all contact from this email forward will have to be through them. Any further emails received will be noted in your account with no further response unless specifically from your credit card company. Thank you.

    Sales/Customer Service

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