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TicketLuck.comRip off company!

I bought two tickets through this service TicketLuck and was scammed and robbed. I wasn't able to place my order online so I called their customer service and their rep made an order for me. He said that within a couple of days I'll get an email with further instructions but I did not receive anything. I contacted them again and was shocked when they said that my order got cancelled because they did not receive the payment. But my bank statement clearly showed that TicketLuck charged me and received the money! These people are real liars and scammers! I did not receive my tickets and lost my money. I will never use this scam site again!!

TicketLuck.comTicket Luck is a bait and switch ticket scam

Ticket Luck is a bait and switch ticket scam. Do not give these people your credit card number. Their price claims are a complete lie that you do not realize until the bill arrives. With the added service fees, and the handling fees the tickets end up being more expensive than face value. Ticket Luck is a complete scam, and their customer service is a joke. No customer service supervisors are ever available and the people that do answer the phone are rude. Beware of this crook.

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    bedtimeforbonzofan Oct 03, 2012

    If you google the address Ticket Luck lists on their website you'll find that their so-called corporate headquarters in Carlsbad is really a small 3-bedroom house not an office. Zafar Khan the founder/head of this company is based in Lahore Pakistan. Sorry but if I want to buy tickets I'll buy from a company like Ticketmaster whose address is a US based office not from a Pakistani operated company that lists a suburban house as their US headquarters

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Ticket LuckTicket scam

We purchased 5 tickets through Ticket Luck for the sold-out Adele concert in DC the day the show went on sale. We purchased the tickets for $140 a ticket, about 3 times the actual value - solely on the fact that Ticket Luck guaranteed the tickets. 4 days before the concert (and after we had bought plane tickets to DC for the show), they emailed us to inform us that the US Postal Service had "lost" all of their Adele tickets. It's highly unlikely that all of their tickets were lost in the mail - either they never secured the tickets or they sold them for a higher price - the tickets were going for $400 the day of the show. Either way, the guarantee is absolutely false. Buyer beware.

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    sweetsolace Aug 07, 2009

    Using this website was the worst decision I have made with regards to online purchasing of Broadway show tickets. I wanted to attend opening night of West Side Story in March and flew down to NY and was told on the day of the show that my tickets were unavailable even though my credit card had been charged in January for double face value for each ticket. Instead I was offered one ticket for the following night show even though I was supposed to fly out earlier that day. Regardless I extended my stay to watch the show by myself and expected my credit card to be refunded for the other ticket. Unfortunately I am still waiting.

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  • Ka
    Kati Davis Dec 07, 2009

    Yikes - I know exactly how you feel. Same thing happened to me. I've been compiling different stories I come across about Ticket Luck on another thread here:

    Sorry this happened to you! This company needs to be shut down!

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    Gretchen Sallinger May 17, 2011

    What losers! I would have called the police or they would have had to call the police on me! Lol. Sorry about that sweetie :(

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price gouging

ticketluck charged double the face value for nosebleed tickets to a Lakers game.Plus fees. plus shipping.
This site is no deal. Know that it is on line scalping with price gouging. Buy if it is okay with you to be ripped off by a scalper.

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    2009Margaret Nov 08, 2009

    Ticket Luck charged me $450. more than the price of the tickets. Since it was a "trusted" site by McAfee I assumed that they could be trusted. I tried other sites and they were equally shameful. It wasn't until after I paid for these concert tickets that I realized that they should have been $150 max instead of $650. I wish I would have checked this site to see how other people were affected before I was taken adavantage of.!!

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  • Ka
    Kati Davis Dec 07, 2009

    I had the same experience. I've been compiling links to all the various instances across the web of compaints here:

    Sorry this happened to you!

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  • Ka
    Kati Davis Mar 04, 2010

    Argh! I feel your pain AND so do a ton of other people!!!

    Ticket Luck is LUCKY b/c they're getting away with ripping people off!

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TicketLuck.comScam alert

I purchase Wicked tickets for Omaha through Ticket Luck. I assumed they were charging fair market value (or close to). Later I found out I paid over $300 dollars than what the tickets were worth. This was a birthday present for my mom and I hate that such an unethical company makes the whole experience leave a dirty taste in my mouth. ALWAYS check with the venue before purchasing through Ticket Luck. Ticket Luck promotion codes are a way they reel you in to think you're getting a deal but they're ripping you off. Ticket Luck basically provides an online outlet for scalpers. It works like ebay where they are just the service but they seem to have so many problems with sketchy third party salespeople. I would avoid the site at all costs. Don't believe my experience? See more examples here: (including someone buying tickets for wicked in san francisco - page 2). Some complaints include people never even receiving the tickets they purchased.

Avoid Ticket Luck and their third party seller scams.

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    Kati Davis Jan 21, 2010

    Thanks for posting this here. I've been compiling all the ticket luck complaints here:

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    James tunny May 10, 2010

    I agree, they have a ton of complaints on the internet...buyer BEWARE!!

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This site charged me over $300 more than the tickets I bought were worth. My only downfall was trusting that was charging fair market value. Customer service hid...