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In August 19, 2009 I took my family to the Paul McCartney concert in Dallas, a long awaited event that my children (9 and 12 years-old) were very excited to be attending. I purchased 4 floor tickets. As was to be expected, it was very crowded. My 9 year old son had been the most excited of all to get to see Paul play. A lot of people brought their kids to the concert.
However, the pleasure was short lived. A couple seated behind us, drinking the whole time, took all the pleasure out of the event. When Paul started to play all the other kids were standing on their seats in order to see. My 9 year old son, who is only about 3-3/4 ft. tall, asked my permission to stand on his seat, and I let him. The woman behind us complained even though she was sitting directly behind me and to the left of my son. She and her boyfriend complained that they would get security. I took it upon myself to talk to security as well and was told it was okay for him to stand on his seat.
After a few minutes the woman went to get another beer and returned, followed by security. Without a word to me, security abruptly pointed to my son and made him sit down. He started crying, curled up in his seat and eventually cried himself to sleep. He missed the entire concert because of a very disagreeable drunk. This event security person took it upon himself to make my son sit down even though hundreds of kids remained standing on their seats throughout the performance and no security person approached them. I could not explain to my son why all the other kids were allowed to get up on their seats but not him. I was very uncomfortable having this couple directly behind me holding beer bottles in their hands for the remainder of the concert since they had been very hostile toward us from the moment they sat down.
The ‘event security’ had a communication problem since they did not even agree among themselves whether children should be allowed to stand on their seats. There was no general communication that controlled this situation and it was not applied equally throughout the audience. My point is, security handled this incorrectly, they should first have gotten my attention before abruptly correcting my son. Next, the correction should have been equally applied to all. We were singled out among many to be the exception to the rule and it was my whole family that suffered. What was to have been a high point in our vacation was turned into a disaster.
Now I'm requesting Ticketmaster to reimburse me for the price of only me and my son’s tickets ($390.10). I feel it is only fair that I pay for my other son’s and wife’s tickets. I feel that TicketMaster, as the vendor providing the service should be responsible for this decision. I expect a contractor to be accountable for all subcontractors who render the services purchased. We were denied the right to enjoy the service provided even though others doing exactly the same thing were allowed to continue and enjoy the concert.
American Express has contacted TicketMaster several times and they have refused to give me a refund. They have even refused to a 3 way conference call with American Express and me, in order to resolve this issue.
Also, American Express does NOT protect their customers when they don’t receive the services their customers pay for. I contacted their legal department on this issue, and I was basically told that they will not interfere with TicketMaster’s decision.
Let this be a warning to those people that charge their concert tickets on American Express.
I should have charged the tickets on Visa, because I know they will protect their customers.

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  • Br
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    well ticketmaster is the contractor for the promoter.

    So in essence your complaint would be with the promoter as they are the highest contractor in this case.

    But in terms of an event, your concern with other guests is in the hands of the venue and not ticketmaster.

    Your seat was there, you paid for a ticket, they did their job.

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