I just tried buying a ticket on, and halfway through the process it says my bank needs to "verify" my account. I agreed to verify, and a small box on the side of my order redirected me to my local bank's "verify" page, except this time it said it's a service for greater security. It says "its free of charge" but I AM never believing that after being scammed by banks/stores/etc. So i looked for a link saying "NO Thanks" or "Continue without offer" or "Later" and I found NONE. I looked everywhere and I ended up canceling my order because it's obligating me to sign up for something I do not want to be involved in. I don't know what to do now, I am only able to buy this ticket through ticketmaster, and with two accounts. This one, and one in another country (which doesn't work considering ticketmaster now uses the billing address as the shipping address)
I hate when they make you sign up for stuff that you do not WANT.

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