Ticket Master / Cancels purchases without notifying you

New York, NY, United States

I ordered 6 tickets on Ticket Master website on April 29, 2011. I received confirmation emails that the orders were processed and my credit card was billed. On May 1, 2011, Ticket Master decided to cancel 2 of my tickets as they said I was over the maximum number allowed per customer. By the way, this information (of max of 4) was never posted anywhere on their website and there was the option to order 6 tickets on 4/29/11. Ticket Master NEVER NOTIFIED me of the cancellation. I only found out today, the day of the show, because I was giving out tickets to my friends and realized there are 2 missing!! The Customer Service Manager said this is how they operate, they are sorry but they did nothing wrong and have a nice day.

If this was any other e-business, they would be sued so fast. I can't believe they can operate in this fashion and not get in trouble. Where is the advocate for us consumers who have no other choices in where to purchase tickets? We are forced to use a business which has bad operating policies and there is no other choice.


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