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Thrifty Car Rental / unauthorized billing

1 7135 Gilespie StreetLas Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877-283-0898

I (we) arrived at McCarran Airport about 12.30 am on 11/07/08 and agreed to add a driver to my reserved iternary for the total sum of $234.51 as documented. The attendant swiped my credit card and announced 'this card is not activated, give me another credit card', So I did. It was late and my being AA frequent flier accepted AA's promotion with Thrifty as honest.

The following day I called HSBC bank for inquiry and discovered: Unknown to me INSTEAD of $234.51 That $350.00 was immediately debited/collected by the Thrifty attendant WHO LIED collected the money, stating the card was not activated, documented my card inactive on the computer, then used my second credit card and froze $350.00 on a second card! He collected $115.49 overcharge+ froze $350.00 without explanation/my knowledge/consent. Also, I refused the GPS. insurance/any other offers.

On 11/07.08 I spent about $5.00 on my cell phone (as documented) calling Thrifty for explanation for the difference in prices, or credit without results. My friend and I drove to Thrifty's terminal at McCarran Airport where we rented the car and spoke to Thrifty's supervisor seeking my credit due... Although I showed my bill and requested an explanation for the difference of $350.00 debited instead of $234.51 there is no explanation!!

The supervisor looked in the computer and said' when you return the car with a full tank of gas, you'll get your refund... KNOWING I AM OVERCHARGED! I replied that I had contacted my bank with explanation. Also, stating the fact that I will pay ONLY $234.51 as documented and evidenced by my roommate whom paid an additional $70.00 as included in the total bill. Thus, Thrifty, left me no options and I reported the second credit card as: being lost/stolen with unauthorized $350.00 from the second card. Also, an overcharge of $115.49.

On 11/13/08 I (we) returned the rental to Thrifty at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas with a full tank of gas as promised, with a bill documenting $234.51. Then asked Terry (Customer Service) for an explanation of the overcharge of $115.49 on the first credit card that the attendant said was not activated plus a frozen $350.00 on my second credit card... He looked at my customer copy... then in his computer... stating that' according to the first check in attendant the first credit card was not activated... therefore, the second credit card was frozen.

I explained that THE BANK TOLD ME THAT UNKNOWN TO ME the attendant had ALREADY TAKEN OUT $350.00US Then told me the first card was inactive, charged me additional $115.49 THEN used my second card and froze $350.00 without explanation, authorization... All thrifty will say is 'we'll pay $350.00 frozen +$114.49. My bank first said 'it is between the merchant and you'. Then, we will honor the bill of $234.51. I am filing a complaint with The State Of Nevada's Attorney General, BBB+. Watch out for these guys especially late night travelers!

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