Thrifty / car rental

Tel, Israel

I should like to add my complaint to the various ones there must be concerning Thrifty Car rental Tel Aviv Airport. I find it misleading that the company advertised its presence to be at the Airport when they drive you to Airport City away from all the other car rental companies. In so doing, you are stranded there and presented with a fait accompli in accepting their terms and conditions. The transfer to their offices is a waste of valuable holiday time.
The catch is that they advertise prices of 63 dollars for a week's hire which is understandably cheaper than other companies without insurance. We were subsequently charged 16 dollars per day ( which would equate per annum to a tariff of 365 x 16 = 5840 dollars. In effect this makes a considerable profit centre for the company and is frankly a rip off. In advance, potential customers should be made aware of the total possible charges.

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