Thorntons / service

Roselle, IL, United States

I have went to location #314 in Bensenville ILLINOIS
I have went inside because the pump didn’t print a receipt and I went to buy a pack of gum and there were 4 employees by the cash register but only 2 of them were helping and the lady in front of me wanted buy a drink and she gave the cashier a $1 bill and they said it was fake because it was in the washer and the didn’t bother checking it with the marker and there at least 10-15 people behind me and the other cashier was arguing with a costumer that there was no car at his pump while there obovlsy was at his pump and I waited about 5-10 minutes and I gave up because I had to work and I’m really mad because I didn’t get what I wanted and there were two cashiers doing nothing so I’m very mad and I won’t visit this location ever again even tho I have a gas guzzler. Next time I’ll just probably fill up my 45 gallon gas tank somewhere else

Sep 26, 2017

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