Thorntons / harassing service

East Peoria, IL, United States
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I go to thorntons everyday with over 1000 visits on my rewards card. My home thorntons is the one in east peoria. I live less than 10 minutes away. I spend hundreds of dollars INCLUDING my boyfriend. He also has his own rewards card. Every time I enter thorntons Tabitha harassed me and flirts with my boyfriend. She says dirty things to him. He try’s to avoid thorntons at all costs! Myself, I enjoy coming to thorntons as it’s very convenient for me and the prices are right! But, this female tears me down every time I enter this store! She’s physically knocked over my boyfriends soda and thought it was funny. She’s sat there and spoke to her friends as I wait behind her trying to get to work in time for 10 minutes. She’s rude, all the time. I’ve seen her throw ice at people and she screams profanity all over the store. I am tired of it. I am also going to corporate Monday morning.

Oct 22, 2017

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