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I have been trying to enter an order for about 2 hours in order to obtain the deals going on for Cyber Monday. My password will not work and unfortunately I was locked out. I hit the 'forgot your password' which caused me to be emailed a link. This link was under construction and I could not access it. I called 10 different numbers to try and get a live person to discuss my issue. After an hour I spoke with a person that could NOT understand English and understood NOTHING that I was saying to him. He finally advised me to hang up and call back. But I didn't have the number to call back as I had been transferred 3 different times to get to this person. I finally got another person and he advised me that I would be sent a new password in about 12 hours. When the sale is over. He then put me on hold and disconnected me. I have never had such an unprofessional experience in MY LIFE. This is The Bay Canada? I had a $600 shopping cart that cannot be purchased. I will not waste any more of my time on this. I would rather give my business to someone who really cares.

Nov 26, 2018

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