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The Smart Circle / Unethical Work Environment LIES!!

1 8 Commerce Way Suite 130B, Hamilton, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 6092494999

The manager of this Independent Corporate Distributor of The Smart Circle is Robert (Bobby) Brown. I started a position at this company, at face value! I tell you one thing, I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. GET OUT OF THESE SMART CIRCLE CORPORATIONS RIGHT NOW! I read a lot here on the board and I vouch for all of the complaints, as well bear witness to the worst side of things. The office has the Verizon campaign as client. You work 6-7 days a week, at times more that 70 hours in that week door-to-door in ALL TYPES OF WEATHER CONDITIONS!!! There are NO DAYS OFF!!! BOBBY WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CALL OUT OF HIS OFFICE ON ANY WORK DAY! BOBBY WILL SHOW YOU HIS TRUE COLORS OF ANGER AND ULTIMATELY MANIPULATE YOU INTO THINKING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR MENTALITY AS A WHOLE! BOBBY IS COLLEGE DROP OUT, WITH LIMITED EDUCATION AND SHOWS IT, HAS NO PROBLEMS WITH BRAINWASHING OTHERS TO FORCE CONFORMITY WITH THE SMART CIRCLE SYSTEM! I was promoted to what they call "Leadership" very quickly during my time. Hey I believed in what they said, I was sold on making 6 figures in a very short period of time, I knew my potential and I knew that I can make it happen. However, there was something wrong with the system. You ever had a feeling that something wasn't right, well this was me in my entire duration of 8 months with the company. The internal environment was corrupt and corroded with disrespectful and unethical standards!!! I can go on and on about this office, but what will seem concerning will very well end up sad! They prey on the Naive, poor, hungry and determined with lies! They do use that horrible cult language talking like juice, ringing bell etc. They do clap and run around slapping palms at the end of the night. They do you want to lose your life and work like a dog constantly in their offices. They do many things that are along the lines of cult like behavior including shacking up each other apartments. The opportunity, is not an opportunity! Your just a sales rep, you will be a sales rep for a very long time because this is what they want. No one truly cares for one another as many of the people realize at some point or another that the business is a complete JOKE! Don't believe the lies, don't believe that its the grand opportunity and you amongst the lucky, don't believe that you will make a lot of money as many of my co-workers were constantly borrowing and going broke. Don't live on any promises what so ever, the only reason your there, is to help build on someone else's situation to get promoted, and let me tell you that getting promoted to assistant manager and manager is not all that glamorous and are just new levels with more lies!! In order to be a manager, you have to learn to lie, and learn to brainwash others so that they continue to come into you business and work for you! I've seen so much turn-over, so much deceit that it's unbelievable. GET OUT OF THESE COMPANIES AND DON'T WORK FOR BOBBY'S OFFICE! BOBBY DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY RUN AN OFFICE AND LEAVES IT UP TO HIS 20 SOMETHING YEAR OLD ACCOUNT MANAGERS, WHO ARE ALL TRYING TO GET PROMOTED ON FALSE PROMISES AND CAN'T LEAVE BECAUSE THEY'VE ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE MENTALLY LOCKED INTO A SYSTEM!! BE SMART AND FIND ANOTHER JOB!! DON'T WORK FOR ROBERT BROWN!!!

Mar 29, 2015

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