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The Salvation Army USA / return policy

1 San Antonio, FL, United States
Contact information:

On 09 June 2018, I bought a sofa from the Salvation Army store at 10203 West Loop 1604 N, San Antonio, Texas. The final price of the sofa was $154.25.

I explained upon it's purchase to the store manager that I wouldn't be able to pick it up from his store until the following Saturday, 16 June. He said he would do me a favor and waive the 'Hold' policy until that date.

Yesterday, 13 June, we were informed by our landlord that our future rental situation would change which means we will no longer have any place to put the same sofa we'd just purchased on Saturday, 09 June. Please note: we never took possession of the sofa - it has been kept in the store at the above address the entire time, since 09 June. We never took it home. We've never used it. It remains in the same showroom condition with the sold sign still on it - we never took it home. So, today, I returned to the store and asked for a refund of my $150.25, since I never used the sofa and never even brought it home. When I explained our unforeseen future living circumstances to the duty manager this afternoon, she steadfastly refused to refund my money, citing the 'no refund' policy.

First point: I can fully understand her refusal to waive the 'no refund' policy if I bought a shirt. Or a pair of shoes. Or a pair of pants. Something that I then took home and wore for a week (or even a day) and then brought back expecting a refund. I wouldn't refund a penny either, if I were her. But, as I've explained, we bought a sofa that STAYED IN THE STORE and which we never took possession of.

Second point: The selective adherence to the store's rules is infuriating. On the one hand, the store was willing to waive the 'no holding merchandise' policy, but then wasn't willing to be reasonable on the 'no refund' policy, again, on a piece of merchandise that I never even possessed. So, on the one hand, the store was willing to consider my lack of having a truck as reason enough to hold the sofa for me, but then was unwilling to refund my money when I explained our living circumstances had changed.

Third point: This wasn't a $2.50 shirt, or a $5.00 pair of shoes, or a $7.00 pair of pants. This is $150.00 which, by any reasonable definition, is not an insignificant amount of money. Due to the Salvation Army store's unwillingness to be reasonable and make a common sense exception under normal circumstances, the same sofa I just bought - but can't use - is now going to be put back on the floor and sold again for another $150.00? Most any person would call that unethical and dishonest. It certainly isn't a respectable business practice and is totally inconsistent with the Salvation Army brand I've admired for 50+ years, particularly when it comes to its promotion of Christian fellowship.

I request a response, preferably informing me that the Salvation Army intends on refunding me the money I paid on an item it kept in its store and which I've never even used.

Thank you.

Scott & Kelle Stanley
9926 Cactus Valley
San Antonio, TX 78254

Jun 14, 2018

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