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American Red Cross Complaints & Reviews

American Red Cross / blood donation

Oct 11, 2019

On 10/11/19 I had an appointment to donate blood platelets to the Red Cross location at the above location. The person who took my health information was unfriendly and had a difficult time locating a donor location on my right arm where the blood could be drawn. Since this was an...

American Red Cross / blood donation

Sep 24, 2019

I went to my schools blood drive, Miyamura High School, on 09-24-19 around 2pm. The assistant responsible for actually puting the needle in my arm seemed very under trained from the begining. She never gave me her name but she was a tall blonde with a star tattoo on the back of her neck...

American Red Cross / reporting: regina johnson

Sep 21, 2019

American Red Cross Regina Johnson my son grandmother have been sending disturbing messages to my phone about my disabled child, by her son Brian. Regina and Brian other child's mother Jasmine have been playing on my phone. Brian Foote' and I have broken up over this on going harrassment. I'm not...

American Red Cross / locations signs

Sep 11, 2019

Good morning, My name is Adriana Colon my husband and I was scheduled yesterday 9/10/19 @ 6:15 & 6:30 to donate blood at Oxford Valley Mall. My issue is I could not find them. I walked the whole mall asked employees at the mall to see if they had any idea of the location. To only be informed that's they themselves weren't aware that it was even happening.

American Red Cross / blood donation

Jul 17, 2019

Below are details confirming your upcoming donation appointment: Sponsor Name: Eaton Site: Eaton Address: 695 Indian Hills Drive, Athens, GA 30601 Room Name: The Mez Drive Date: 7/17/2019 Appointment Time: 05:15 PM Procedure Type: Blood have never been so insulted in my life. RED...

Red Cross / cna testing

Jun 22, 2019

Older white woman with short blond spiky hair on June 21st, cna testing was rude, sarcastic, raised her voice, had an angry demeanor, was scary in fact. The whole class was shocked. She was rolling her eyes, was cold, calloused, and very unprofessional. When evaluating hand washing...

American Red Cross / call center for blood donation

May 23, 2019

Called to set up appointment for blood donation 5/23/19 after the site would not allow me to register. Spoke with 3 employees, none of which were particularly friendly or very professional. I felt like I was bothering them by calling to schedule a donation. I first called and wa...

American Red Cross / driver

Apr 10, 2019

American Red Cross An Alabama red cross car driver was speeding and driving recklessly and was on my rear end of my brand new car entire time driving on i110 between hwy 49 exit to cedar lake exit from gulfport, ms to biloxi, ms. I was already going 80mph on the left lane and the other lanes was open but he...

American Red Cross / unprofessional behavior / evaluator issue

Mar 05, 2019

Took my CNA test Feb 1st 2019, passed written, failed the clinical skills test, yes my fault I made mistakes. Accused of wearing perfume at the beginning of clinical test, I confirmed I was, evaluator 'lectured' me on the RED CROSS site being a fragrance free site. I apologized profusely...

American Red Cross / long wait time to give blood

Jan 31, 2019

Dear Customer Service, I'm a regular donor (Donor ID W1954 477543K) and completed the Rapid Pass before arriving for my 12:00 appointment at the drive listed below. The check-in volunteer said they were running "a little behind". After waiting 20-minutes, I asked how much longer, and said...

American Red Cross / cpr instructor / tammy cormier

Nov 13, 2018

My wife as worked at this child care center for 7 years. Durning that time she has been "certified" in Pedi First Aid/CPR and has done several renewals. At no point durning any of these classes has the instructor provided actual mankins to practic skills on. The course consisted of them...

American Red Cross / blood donation

Oct 19, 2018

American Red Cross Very rude and were not qualified to take blood. I have severe bruising and my boyfriend has pooling under the skin. While my blood was being drawn, they sent a girl to the ER (not calling anyone to drive her even though she was drifting in and out of consciousness) because they ruptured...

American Red Cross / donating blood

Oct 08, 2018

American Red Cross I was going to donate my blood for the second time with a blood drive event in Binghamton University today (10/8/2018). Even though I had an appointment I waited for one and half hours. Then, I complaint about my situation and they acted like nothing happened. When finally my turn came...

American Red Cross / house fire victims

Oct 08, 2018

My best friend had her home burn down two weeks ago and in the fire her two daughters and 2 grandchildren perished. The fire occurred in Mitchellsburg, Kentucky. I'm quite sure your organization heard of it as it was all over the news. I am appalled by the fact that NO ONE from the Red...

American Red Cross / donating blood

Oct 04, 2018

Wednesday September 4, 2018 I donated blood with our YSA stake blood drive. I have had 5 children and I am not the least bit bothered by needles. But it really hurt when the phlebotomist inserted the needle into the bend of my arm. I said out loud to her that hurts so much. I almost told her...

American Red Cross / rude site leader - hurricane florence shelter

Sep 24, 2018

I encountered the site leader ??? at Hoggard High School, Monday, 9/24, between 11 and 12. She was loud, yelling, rude, sarcastic, unprofessional and was not in control of her emotional responses to cluents or volunteers. Her system for communicating expectations was not clear, effective...

American Red Cross / blood donation

Sep 09, 2018

I recently participated in a blood drive at Northsise Christian Church in New Albany, IN on Saturday September 8th. The staff placed a blood pressure cuff on my arm for the blood drawal instead of a tourniquet. Once the needle was inserted, they let air out of the cuff. My blood had quit...

American Red Cross / blood donation.

Sep 06, 2018

American Red Cross I went to donate blood today at Tech Credit Union 10951 Broadway Crown Point IN I've never donated blood before and noticed the blood donation sign on my way home. I definitely wanted to help out and donate. What was supposed to be (I thought) a good experience turned out to be horrible...

American Red Cross / unethical cna test instructor behavior

Aug 17, 2018

Today (August 18th, 2018) I took the CNA Massachusetts state exam with the American Red Cross. Before taking the test, I was advised that the facility would be "fragrance free, " so I made it a point not to wear any perfume. Immediately upon checking into the exam with the instructor...

American Red Cross / handling of donations

Aug 11, 2018

upon being classified by a presidential disaster of fire in Shasta County CA several people were evacuees (38, 000 plus) and were housed under red cross authority in an evacuation center. I am speaking for several of those victims as well as what I have seen for myself. The staff for red...

American Red Cross / rude employee

Aug 01, 2018

We are sitting in the Hudson High School in Hudson Ohio and as my 60 year old husband is called up she looks at him and says" you're still reading sit back down "and turned to the next person and called her and walked away. It was the tone and rudeness of how she said it. We are giving...

American Red Cross / blood drive st anne’s hospital

Jul 17, 2018

Today 7/17/18 I decided to donate blood so I stopped at St. Anne's Hospital in Fall River, as there was a blood drive. This complain is pertaining to one woman. Everything went well until the end of my donation. One girl did my intake and started the phlebotomy. Another older woman said to...

American Red Cross / cpr instructor's training

May 22, 2018

Hello. My name is Dani Mejia. I attended the CPR Adult/Infant/AED Instructor's Training on Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 8am to 6pm. The instructor was James Thomas Jr. I was a little bit late but was allowed to stay. During the training, on the AED section of the training. I was very...

American Red Cross / red cross welched on their promise

Apr 17, 2018

American Red Cross Red cross sent me a letter stating that if I gave blood platelets by the end of march that I would have a choice of a $25 gift card at many different restaurants. I spent 2 hrs giving those platelets on friday, [protected] and proceeded with the instructions to get my $25 gift card. I had my...

American Red Cross / blood donation - artery hit instead of the vein

Mar 26, 2018

My daughter participated in a blood drive at her high school a few days ago and the technician hit the artery in her arm instead of the vein! They stopped the bleeding and kept her for a bit as she was very dizzy and sick feeling. While my 17 year old was laying there, one of the...

American Red Cross / bad customer service

Mar 07, 2018

Date: 3/7/18 I got directed to someone named Nancy when I gave ARC a call. Nancy was very rude and spoke down to me and would not listen to any of my questions. She kept referencing where I need to go on the internet to find information instead of just asking my questions that I wasn't able...

American Red Cross / unethical behavior

Feb 09, 2018

American Red Cross February 09, 2018 Order [protected] To whom it may concern; On February 8, 2018, my coworker Wendy Silverstein and I Yomara Otero arrived at the red cross located at 2000 Century Drive Worcester Ma 01606 where we had registered to attend the Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED training...

American Red Cross / giving blood

Jan 31, 2018

American Red Cross I got my blood taken the other day at my college. The staff was really rude and had no idea what they were doing. I got my finger [censored]ed and blood was going everywhere and the lady didn't seem to care and noticed after a while after [censored]ing. I gave blood and my arm was bruised...

The American Red Cross, West Central GA. Chapter / bad services, frequent solicitations

Jan 21, 2018

I am a huge fan of giving life, but I was treated badly. Not all locations and blood banks are bad. I was robbed, injured and they never stop asking for My blood and my money. I have told them, consumer affairs and spent much time in prayer. I have told the post office too. I don't...

American Red Cross / hurricane harvey assistance

Jan 17, 2018

I applied for assistance after the hurricane, i was denied and appealed the decision. I called to see what was going on with my case, they said that they were backed up. They gave me a refernce number and said no matter what i would recieve the funds, its just taking some time. Well thi...

American Red Cross / email and call list

Jan 17, 2018

American Red Cross I am unable to give blood, not due to a disqualification, but simply because they cannot find my veins. I have attempted 3 times after doing what they recommended (drinking water and such). I have unsubscribed from their email list four times and asked the local call center to stop calling...

American Red Cross / telemarketers

Dec 13, 2017

Stop calling me. Stop calling me. Stop calling me. I've asked several times to be put on the do not call list and yet I still get calls. Several times a week at all hours. I've blocked the numbers and that works for a week but then I get called several more times. I will never donate blood...

American Red Cross / dangerous red cross employer

Dec 07, 2017

I want to make a complaint about a driver who works for the red cross, his plate # is 854-xbt he lives in lake placid florida, he drives like a maniac through out the neighborhood speeding, not stopping at stop signs, almost hitting kids, while talking on the phone. Then he also has the...

American Red Cross / horrible blood donation experience!

Nov 16, 2017

On Thursday, November 16, 2017, I went to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois, for a blood drive. The wait was long, at least 20 minutes with numerous donors waiting after me, but that isn't even what I'm so irritated about. More than halfway through with my blood...

American Red Cross / ishita st paul, mn

Nov 04, 2017

I had a horrible experience with a tech in St Paul, MN named Ishita. She was very slow moving, rude and seemed to hate her job. It seemed to me that she didn't even want to help donors or other staff out as she was just standing around until another staff told her to start helping donor...

American Red Cross / harvey assistance & rude phone representatives

Oct 28, 2017

On September 24, 2017 I was approved for the hurricane relief due to my city Corpus Christi being effected. It did not allow me to put in my banking information and therefore, it was sent to Bank of America. I haven't had Bank of America in 7 years. So for 4 weeks and weekly phone call...

American Red Cross / staff and assistance of 400

Oct 14, 2017

American Red Cross On Sept 12 I went to pick up two boxes a family member sent to the red cross because no mail was running and it was difficult to get into our neighborhood for weeks because they opened the floodgates on us. when I arrived Courtney Bullock informed me she had seen the boxes yesterday but...

American Red Cross / been approved now denied cause of yalls web site.

Oct 14, 2017

I was approved friday oct 13 2017... Called american red cross to go to the next step... They told me lines are down computers to call again today so I did thatand guess what im denied now... Thats not fair cause yall having problems I cant even log in to my account to go next step... I...

American Red Cross / poor performance

Oct 10, 2017

I attempted to donate platelets at a Springfield, MO Red Cross center located at 313 E Battlefield St. The first person missed my vein in my right arm and in the process of looking for the vein, stabbed my bicep. He kept looking but never got a good stick. The next person got a bad stick...

American Red Cross / harvey assistance

Oct 04, 2017

My name is Joel Martin and my email info is [protected] my phone contact is [protected]. I applied for assistance on 9/11 and was approved but the system was going down and I never put in any bank account info I tried to go back and pick Walmart to Walmart and it wouldn't let me...