The Salvation Army USAarea store dirty very unsociable restroom not in order over 6 months and more

My mom and I have been going to this store for many years, it has always been one of the friendlest clean nice merchandise helpful store til about 6 months agao. Things have gone down hill the workers are not at all nice very anti social no smiles. The store is dirty beyond dirty the rest room that has always been there is out of order forcing people to go across the street to use the other stores rest room. Most prices are very good but latley the housewares is priced so high it doesnt sell. The numbers of people that use to go were much higher than now. I have watched little children wet them self because not restroom. Someone actually urinated in a glass jar and left it in the changing room. Things are going bad. Please can someone help. Salvation army has always been a great store to shop and the quality always great but now with all this going on and its not just me I have thought about starting a petition to have some thing done lots of people having a hardship as is and now to lose a store that is to help people is aweful. I hope there is something you can do my friend who is a spokes person for chrons disesease said it is against the law not to have a restroom in the store please help isnt that what salvation army is all about. Very concerned denise smith [protected]

Nov 29, 2018

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