The Foschini Grouprefusing to allow me to collect my paid for parcel!!

On Tuesday 4th December I went to collect my TFG parcel from the Pargo pick up point. It was no longer there - it had been sent back to TFG as Pargo tells me they only leave parcels at the pick up points for 8 days. My first message that my parcel was ready for collection came to my phone on 24 November. Another message that it was ready for collection came on the 26th. There was no further correspondence to alert me it was going to be returned to sender on the 3rd December. I didn't panic at first as I realised via the tracking number that it was still with the courier.
I first called Pargo to ask if I could please collect it from the courier, anywhere in Cape Town they chose. I was told to contact TFG as they would not allow me to collect it once it had been collected by the Pargo courier. I pleaded with the woman on the TFG customer care line, saying I would drive anywhere they wanted, just to please get my parcel that I was so looking forward to receiving. It was still on route to TFG and still sealed in it's box, paid for by me, and with my name on the box.
She absolutely refused! She said I'd be getting a refund when they processed it at the depot. The more I told her that I did not want a refund, the more she kept saying "Sorry madam, company policy, you'll get a refund".
How is it that this ridiculous system exists that although the goods technically belong to me, paid for in full, they get taken away from me, not after they reached the depot - 2 days before!!! Please can someone explain to me how this makes any sense!!
The woman said the only way forward was to re order the items and repay for them.
Of course I can't just reorder my items - they are no longer in stock and especially not the sale shoes in my size!!! I am so upset! My parcel has still not reached the TFG depot and I am not allowed to collect it when it does, even though it is still sealed with my name on it!!! And is fully PAID for!! I just want to collect it, that's all I ask for! Please can someone who has any authority help me! Please!

Dec 07, 2018

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