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Cape Town, South Africa

In June 2017 I had accompanied by aunt to purchase a samsung R 999.00 but we were persuaded to take a mobicel Zen valued at r1799.00. The screen guard which he had put on in store that was in the box was not the correct one and he gave us an extra one stating that if the phone should crack that we could return it for repairs as it was covered by the purchase.
On Saturday 16th September 2017 the cellphone fell with the screen guard on and cracked.
On Sunday 17th September 2017 I had returned to the store, The Fix at canal walk, cape town. On explaining to the cashier she called another lady to assist me. The lady informed me it was not covered and the male that helped us was no longer working for the company. She had after me standing gona while put my name and cellphone number down and informed me that she is going to tell her supervisor and by Thursday when she is back and the supervisor at work she will call me.
I am perturbed by the uninformed consultant that initially helped us and why should I wait for someone else to call instead of my concern being forwarded. I am disgusted at the service.
My aunt has had an account with paying all these years and my partner has an account which is paid every month and I purchase with gift cards as I find purchasing at Tfg stores easy and relaxing.

Sep 18, 2017

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