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Lombard, IL, United States
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I purchased a beautiful wood table from the dump. I also purchased their extended warranty that I was told covered everything! Any stain, break or anything that could possibly go wrong. The table almost immediately starting leaving white stains from hot plates.In the beginning they were easy enough to wipe off as time went on they have gotten worse and are basically a permanent mark on the table now. I cannot get the warranty company to do anything! When you call them they act all concerned and vow to call you back which of course they don't. Or they tell you to email them with the details and pictures and never respond! I called both the dump and their warranty company (Gbs) again today. The dump told me I needed to work it out with the warranty company - even though it is their warranty company that they sell you! And the warranty company told me a manager would be calling me back - and of course no one did!

Do not buy furniture or the extended warranty from the dump!

Jan 12, 2017

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