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We purchased a very expensive mattress ($2, 500.00 for just the mattress) from The Dump Furniture Store in Irving, Texas. The floor model was very comfortable, just what we were looking for. The mattress they delivered was completely different, sagged badly on every edge and in the middle, and would not even fit normally in a king size bed frame. We could live with the bed frame issue, but the sagging made the bed so uncomfortable it was not worth even trying to sleep on it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Irving, TX It soon became obvious that this bed was a "second", internally damaged or a "dud" the manufacturer had probably sold for cents on the dollar to The Dump (which is probably where most of their merchandise comes from). We complained, they stalled around for weeks, saying "they were waiting to hear from the manufacturer", and then they told us they could (would) not do anything about it and besides there fine print on the back said "all sales final". Don't ever buy anything from these crooks!!!

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  • Lw
      Apr 12, 2010

    Dealing with the Dump has been nothing but a nightmare. This is my 2nd complaint with the BBB. I first contacted the Dump customer service about my mattress in January of 2010, only to be given the run around by the customer service department. I wrote letters and issued a complaint to the BBB and finally the store manager said we could exchange the less than a year old defective mattress for a new one. Well they only said that to shut us up and to get rid of the complaint with the BBB. The king size mattress has indentations(its sinking on the right and left side and the middle is as good as new) as to where me and my husband sleep and squeaks really loud when you get in and out of bed. You feel springs poking at you in your sleep. I have horrible back pain from this mattress and have been going to a chiropractor over it. When we purchased the mattress there was a 10 or 15 year warranty on the mattress. The bedding manager Beau, gave a hard time and showed us some other mattress that was not ours. He said well its the model number on the receipt. I said well that is not our mattress at all. I then had to go all the way back home, take pictures of the mattress and bring them back to show him. This store is nothing but a SCAM. We were then told by sales person Brad that he would order us a new mattress and he would call when it came in.. Well 3 weeks went by no one called. So I called them and they told me it was in and the deal was we had to transport our old mattress back and they would give us a new one. Well the joke was on us. My husband loaded the old one on top of the car and brought it all the way there and then they told him that there was dirt and urine stains on it?? I never knew either of us to pee the bed and the dirt was the size of a dime and it was from loading it on the car. So they were going to try to re sale it this defective mattress. A used mattress being returned to the manufacture due to it being defective should not matter if it had a speck of dirt on it. The dirt occurred from the transportation from our house to the store. This store is horrible and sells used mattresses. Our mattress was probably used it makes me think. They have greatly inconvenienced my husband and I and now we are stuck with a horrible mattress to sleep on and basically threw 999.00 out the window.

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  • Da
      Jul 11, 2010

    Buyers beware! If you buy any bedframe here look for gaps! This is a note we sent to the better business bureau and we’re going to take them to small claims court – this is out of principal, you don’t treat a customer who spent nearly 10 grand in your store, this is not how you build good customer report and keep them coming back. I will say, Darren is a good sales rep but unfortunately he works for an unethical company. The manager of that store needs a lesson in customer service 101, he said in his 30 years he’s never had customer complain about a 1 foot gap on their bed, well, we are, so what’s your point? I can’t sleep at night w/out my pillow (s) falling through the head board and worrying my 6 lb. dog will break a leg. What happened to listening to your customer, working with them to keep them coming back? We would have exchanged it for another frame but now we’re so disappointed we’ll NEVER do business with them again.
    Dear Better Business Bureau:

    My husband and I purchased a bedroom suite from The Dump.

    The policy on returns is very clear. After delivery you can return your furniture for any reason, but you must pay a restocking fee.

    Upon delivery we noted a design flaw that was covered by bedding at the show room floor.

    With no bedding it is evident that there is an unacceptable gap between the headboard and the mattress. The gap is so large the pillow fall through and to the floor while sleeping and it is my understanding that is the purpose of a headboard outside of looking good.

    We immediately informed the installation team and have a receipt that the gap was unacceptable.

    They informed us to call customer service immediately.

    We were asked to measure the gap which we did on top of letting them know that we would like to return it. They said give us some time to remedy the situation. We also went down to The Dump in Person to express our frustration, and inform them that we would like them to either fix the gap or return the furniture. The finally sent a tech to look at the furniture. Due to the manner the sideboard assemble to the head and foot-board the problem could not be fixed leaving us only one solution, exchange the furniture.

    We called customer service, and they informed us that we could not exchange it.

    The bottom line is:

    1. we informed The Dump per the agreement between us and them that we would like them to fix the problem or return it within 7 days.
    2. They delayed beyond our 7 day window and told us it they could not fix the issue we could still return it.
    3. They could not remedy the situation and now have not lived up to their agreement.

    We have an acceptance of delivery that is signed my us and a representative of the dump with a note that the GAP is unacceptable. Which means we would not accept it without a remedy which never happened.

    My cynical mind believes this is a ploy they utilize to give the appearance of living up to the terms and conditions of their agreement and reduce the amount of legitimate returns of poorly designed or defective furniture.

    This is certainly not in the spirit of doing business properly and is a disgraceful way to treat a customer.

    We would have worked with them and exchanged the bedframe for a frame that functions but now we’d like our money back.

    Please take 5 minutes to fill out a complaint with the BBB regarding your experience at THE DUMP, here’s the link. It’s the only way we can make a difference. Another site is /link removed/ I included both links.
    /link removed/

    Also note, the dump has an F rating with the BBB and yet they are still in business? This is outrageous.

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  • Ja
      Aug 21, 2012

    Exact same thing happened to us!!! NEVER AGAIN GOING TO THE DUMP

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  • An
      May 27, 2014

    I went to the dump in Irving on Saturday, memorial day weekend picked out a I able and went to the beds to pick out a bed. Albert, the sales guy came back time and time again we laid on the mattresses to find a fit. We eventually check out, Albert gave Tim, our original sales guy the hardest time for being new. As we checked out john comes out of nowhere to say he and Albert teamed up cause Albert owes him one. I pay for Delivery set for Wednesday. well through all the hassle and rude Salesman peeping over the office window as we checked out, they didn't give us me my mattress cover. I was told they would ship it out because it couldn't be brought on delivery. We decided to go back and cancel delivery while there. This is where the true problem rise.

    They bring out the first bed, it has a red stain on the back, I deny it because I didn't want a problem with warranty. They brought out another mattress this time it has two bugs on it. One of the guys from the warehouse laughs as another was disgruntled about me checking the bed. Now after going for the manager and requesting a refund the operation manager oz wanted us to try their third and final bed, made by restonic. As they pull that bed the Bed manager nick calls us in wanting me to pick another bed from that same company. Their internal communication is off they were pulling us back and forth. we go out. Inspect the final bed and low and behold it to has a bug. No one ever apologized for our wasted time or the fact we no longer had a bed. I was told I can pick another Bed at no additional charge. Then the hand off game began, including witnessing Albert and john, the team salesman, fight over who would assist me now. Nick offered a bed up to 300 more and crazily wants me to go half for anything higher. Never apologized. Now I'm without a bed, oz never came back to address me even after I called for him. I've shopped here before but never again. Beware bugs I've been told is almost normal here and no warranty is given if bugs are present. I was told customers complain of bed bugs on the regular. The dumps attitude was horrible and sales guy fight for you then pass you off when a problem arise. Never again will I buy from there!

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  • An
      May 27, 2014

    Pics of bugs at the dump in irving

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  • Gi
      Feb 13, 2016

    Thank you to the 3 of you for saving me before this as me.
    I saw the ad tonight on TV and was thinking we should go look at beds because we have been in the market for a tempur pedic, and it seemed like maybe a good deal.
    After the first story, the deal says off, and after reading all 3 of your stories, we will never shop there. Don't need the Hasell for an expensive place that passes themselves off as discount.

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