The Bay-Chinook Mall. / employees treated unequally!!!

Calgary, AB, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 4032556121

Ever since the new store manager got hired last year, this company has lost page after page of fabulous employees. Carl Morton. He treats all the employees unfairly, favoring some more then others because they use flattery on him to get there way. He will only come chat or say hi if he likes you. How unprofessional as a store manager. He has no idea or concept of certain departments and all he is worried about is the number so he can collect a big fat cheque at the end of the year. Just beacuse some people are not verly fake, outgoing or loud does not mean they are not fanastic at there job it MEANS that they are working hard and not making up stories to make you feel good Mr Morton!! He especially gets along with this spanish woman who works at Lauder, Marcie. They flirt and I believe that they are both married!!! Shame on them both!!! Some of the people they have hired recently need to have a criminal check but for this low end department store, it does'nt matter. they are'nt looking for quality anymore!!! We all have complained to HBC direct line and we will keep doing it until justice is served.

Apr 23, 2013

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