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Hi there,

I was currently on H1-B "Visa" in US and was arrest a couple of years ago for solicitation of prostitution. I was at a bar of TGI Fridays just flirting with the undercoverwear cop (it was a trap) and she make up some false story. I was not very happy, and decided to plead "Not guilty" and decide to take the case for the trial where judge found "Not Guilty" . I am and planning on going to India in Dec. I would like to avoid delays in the "visa stamping process" if I can when I try to reenter US. My question is:

1. Can I expect any problems or delays in the stamping process?

2.How long does it take for the criminal background checks to come back in India?

3. Would it be faster if I get my visa staming done in Canada? (I have an appointment in Calgary)

4. Can someone there delete it from background check softwares. I am from A.P.

I would really appreciate the response to the questions above.


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