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My boyfriend and I are frequent customers of TGI Fridays and lately they have been changing the menu and we are not happy about it. We order expensive meals such as jack Daniels ribs and steaks and usually order the mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. Well a few months ago we noticed the mashed potatoes were different, no chives and didn't taste homemade. Then, today we went and the mac n cheese was literally KRAFT mac n cheese (admitted by the waiter) which was disgusting. It used to be homemade with penne noodles and seasonings and bread crumbs on top. I was extremely disappointed. Also the steaks have not been as good of cuts as usual. We used to say that this was our "go to" place since it was always consistent. Needless to say, we have been disappointed and are upset about these changes.

TGI Friday's

Dec 16, 2017

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