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The perks of the rewards. The past 2 times I came my points wouldn't take when trying to add them. I saved my receipts because on the app and receipt it clearly states "please see your server for assistance" as well as "please keep receipts until you have verified the credit has been issued" today I called a to go order in made sure I had my receipts with me went in explained the issue the bartender got the manager "Kit" he tried resolving the issue he went back and forth with me about I should call the 1800 number but in the end he ended up adding the points after adding the 69 points manually I stated that I would use them to pay for my food his response "see there ya go that's even better" someone comes over I click the reward for 100 points for a free entree the manager them comes back and says I couldn't use it on the 2 grill options and which I have a couple times before but at this point I'm already hungry and irritated and my food is cold so I said "ok there's not a problem with me purchasing the food I'm just ready to go" he says ok I also let him know 100 points have been deducted because I already claimed the reward and he responds " yea just hold on to the receipt and call the 1800 number" he never gave me my other receipts back that I took in that had an $8 off coupon on there seeing that I was just there 2 days ago and did a survey. He never suggested that I just use that or anything. I left there feeling judged. Him and his employees felt as if I probably just wanted to get over it couldn't afford my food and basically just did not want to let me use those rewards that i earned because of the money that i spend in this establishment WEEKLY! It's not right to make people feel like that. I'm very upset and hurt. I always eat here and never have problems but today Kit did an awful job in customer service and left a very bad taste in my mouth. I didn't even eat my lunch but I was too embarrassed to take it back.

Jun 01, 2018

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