NY, United States

I ordered from because they were cheap.. BIG MISTAKE! Trust me take your money somewhere else and don't even give them a chance. I spent $115 dollars on one book and got free shipping on it thinking I was getting a good deal, but it was nothing but headaches! They're shipping provider - DHL for free shipping doesn't include shipping information so you have no idea where your book is or has been until it actually gets there. And when I went to find out where my book was, I found out that they shipped it to the wrong address.. When I called to tell them about the missing tracking information their representative told me not to use their free shipping because it was more headaches than it is worth, and then told me to tell my friends the same thing. You know it's bad when the company representatives tell you not to use their own promotions! Because I didn't know when my book would get here I had to spend $25 dollars EXTRA to rent the chapters in the book so that I wouldn't fail my quizzes in my class. So you think 115+25 is a 140. I could have bought the book basically full price on and gotten it in two days with my Prime membership. is nothing but a joke, and the whole time I was on the phone with them all I heard was nothing but excuses. Don't buy from them!

Feb 20, 2013

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