SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / $10 payment for all my books

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I had many books left from time when I was a student. All these books were in a good condition, some of them were quite rare. I was moving to another country and I was selling a lot of my old stuff, including book.
Textbooks offered me $200 for everything and that seemed like a great deal! I sent them my book and several days later I received the payment. I was shocked when I checked my bank account and realized that Textbooks paid only $10!
I contacted them the same moment and demanded some reasonable explanations, but they said that they were able to pay only $10 because all my book were in a poor condition, and very old. That was not true!! I demanded my book back but they said no!! Don't risk and avoid this company, they are nothing but dishonest thieves!

Mar 16, 2017

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