Texas Roadhousereservations

So Texas Roadhouse does not do reservations, they do call ahead seating which is a crock. You are placed in a call log but can not be assured you will be seated when you get there. So what exactly is the point at all. I believe they should take reservations especially for large parties. We recently had 15 people for a birthday party. When I called the day before to ask if that would be a problem they assured me it would be fine and that I should call the next day at 3.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Suffolk, VA I called the next day at 3 and told her the information and I was told that at the time I asked for we would not be seated together when we got there. I informed her that was unacceptable because this is a birthday party. I ended up having to take a different time which then meant I had to contact all of the guests and change the time. Could have all been avoided if they would take reservations. Long story short, no more birthday parties at Texas Roadhouse, heck we can make a reservation at Pizza Hut and be seated when we arrive, just saying they should reexamine their policy on reservations. There are much better restaurants and cheaper restaurants that at least take reservations.

Feb 03, 2017

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