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A party of four had to wait almost two hours to be served the entrée after already waiting over an hour to be seated. Granted, they were very busy but we saw people who came in after we did and a larger party be served and ate and left before we were served. The waitress just kept bringing us our tea and water that we ordered and had no explanation as to why our food was not ready. When our food finally came, (only after I asked to speak to the manager who never showed up) it was luke warm and some of the order was missing. I asked again to speak to the manager and he/she still did not show. We shortly asked for the bill, got boxes for our food and left. Obviously we will never go there again. The waitress apologized as we were leaving but that's all we got. We all couldn't help but wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that we were black!! hmmmm!

Aug 09, 2016
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  •   Aug 09, 2016

    Of course it was because you were black. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact they were busy, others had reservations, your orders were different than the ones served before you, etc. It all came down to your skin color.

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  • Cu
      Aug 09, 2016

    Really - this is what is wrong with this country

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  •   Aug 10, 2016

    Are you ashamed to be black? You sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder. Newsflash: You cannot go thru life, blaming everything on race, just because things did not go your way. EVERYONE at some time experiences poor/or disappointing service. BTW: No server wants a customer's food to take forever to served. They depend on flipping their tables, in order to earn as many tips as possible. Your complaint is not even logical.

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