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Fraud and scam

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Texas Direct Auto
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I purchased a car on Ebay, but actually not thru Ebay. I found the car on Ebay, and called Texas Direct Auto for details. After the salesman was extremely curious and helpful, I decided to give them a deposit and they took $800.00 off the price to do the transaction outside of Ebay. Mistake!!! I was emailed the paperwork and everything from the bankdraft on my end went smooth. Can't say the same for the other end. Car was supposed to ship on 2-24-2009, but didn't ship until 3-6-2009. the car was delivered yesterday and it is not the car pictured. Or something terrible happened to it after the pictures where taken. The transit company showed us the paperwork that stated the condition the car was in when picked up, so it wasn't their fault, I called Texas Direct Auto, and was told that the car was shipped in the condition sold, and the pictures where of the car in the condition I received it in. They will take no responsibility! I looked more closely at the pictures that were saved in my history and they didn't take pictures showing the damages, they left that out and out of the description. Which stated save thousands with one call, buy it now! There are no disappointments with this one! I tried to have Ebay deal with this, but since I purchased it outside of Ebay, They will do nothing. I took it to a local dealer this morning who offered me $9000.00 less than I paid and stated that the car needed around $5000.00 in repairs, just to get it to fair shape. I just wish there where more honest people in the world!!!
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N  9th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Well I picked up my Tundra on Monday and drove it back to Canada.. whole process was too easy and the condition of this truck is like what Phil of Texas Direct Auto has claimed to be... PERFECT! These guys are amazing and I would tell others to purchase from TEXAS DIRECT AUTO plus buy another vehicle myself. Price is unbeatable and I do recommend you do your homework plus have any vehicle checked out from a third party shop... this applies to any used car dealership you encounter. I also recommend PHIL WRIGHT as your TDA salesman, he's on the ball and does what he says plus flexible on pricing... even though these vehicles are already discounted!

John of B.C. - Canada

D  7th of Jul, 2010 by    -2 Votes
They might not be the best at customer service, especially on a busy weekend when the showroom is packed, but with a little persistance you'll get what you need and for a good price. You won't find your ride cheaper anywhere else, unless your relative owns the dealership. Yeah - it's a hassle calling them to follow-up and waiting for salesmen for hours on end. But it was worth it for the $3k I saved. That was about $1, 000 per hour of waiting. Perhaps going to the dealership in-person is better than buying online. Who would buy a car without seeing it and test-driving it anway? That makes no sense unless you're planning to fix it up, regardless of cost, or dumping it wholesale. Good luck!
D  2nd of Aug, 2010 by    -2 Votes
I have worked at Texas Direct since April of 2008 and regret to hear so many negative complaints. We try to make everyone happy but this cannot be done when some customers have expectations of something that is impossible to deliver. Keep in mind that very few people post a review when they have positive experiences, and everyone posts when they have a bad experience.
People consistently tell us that we have the best deals across the nation, and we routinely ship cars internationally. Please keep these facts in mind while shopping, and good luck finding your next car.
A  3rd of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I drove almost 2 hours to get to this dealer for a car that I was looking at for at least 2 weeks.

I had the main car I was interested in, and 2 other cars on my list that was a back up plan.

I was so excited arriving on the lot and checking out their show room, etc.

They are MANY sales staff on the floor, however they all seemed to be extremely unhelpful from the desk clerk to the salesmen.

Upon arriving I had my car stock number in hand and after "signing in" had waited for at least 30-45 minutes before going back to the desk clerk and mentioning that I'm here to buy a car and basically if they do the transaction after business hours, I can't buy it today.

After that it was another 20 minutes or so when I met the salesman.

We showed him the car number and he said he was going to locate it.

We had asked, tell us a bit about the car..and the salesman ACTUALLY responded, "what would you like me to tell you?" In text, that sounds like nothing, however in person..it basically was, "what the f**k do you want to know about it."

However, I was seriously interested in the car, so I didn't let it bother me.

It took him another 20 minutes to locate the car on the lot. When we got to the car, he did not have the keys so salesman went back inside, while he was doing that I did a scan around the vehicle, for a car having less than 10K miles the physical exterior was dogged pretty bad and I wasn't interested in it.

After waiting 15 minutes, and the guy not getting back outside, we decided to go back inside and let him know we wanted to look at the other two and handed him a paper with both stock numbers of the 2 other cars (same make/model). And by the way, he still didn't have the keys to that other car, we were first looking at.

He said no problem and he was going to locate the vehicles and get the keys.

We waited for at least another 25 minutes.

I'm sitting in the show room, I look over to the other end of the room, and guess what, my salesman is selling to another customer.

I was in the dealership for at least 3 hours - and did not test drive 1 vehicle throughout that entire time.

They herd you through that dealership like your nothing but a piece of cattle.

I didn't tolerate the last straw. I was a guaranteed sell. When someone walks in with their list of stock numbers, all same model/make, etc - they know exactly what they want and are ready to buy yet you don't make time for me?

My brother goes up to the guy when he see's that and tells him, "are you getting the keys for the other vehicles?"

And the salesman actually tells him, "I'm busy. I told you I'm busy, what do you want me to do?" (I was already on my way out the door as soon as I spotted him with the other customer).

The customer service is horrible. Normally, I would have thought the salesman was just a bad apple, but on the way of walking out while my salesman was selling to the other customer..I had let the front desk clerk know what happened...

And it really didn't phase her one bit, she actually made excuses for the salesman. On the way home, I couldn't believe I drove over like 2 hours to get there and didn't test drive one vehicle, didn't get to see the ones I wanted, and I wanted to call the manager..well I got a voice mail. That's how much they care...

If you're going to this place, I don't recommend going Thursday-Saturday, they will not have time for you.

Check your vehicle very thoroughly, I spotted quite a lot of things left out of the description on the vehicle.
N  27th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
By far the worst car buying experience. Went to look at an Odyssey listed on Ebay. When they got it in two days later, I noticed this thing is in very rough shape for only having 28K miles on it. Navi doesn't work, the passenger tail light had a hole in it. I interior smelled like someone threw up in it. The bumper color did not match the rest of the car. There are scrape marks all over the passenger side of the vehicle. I felt sorry for those who had to spend $$ in repairs after their purchase. I've lost my deposit from them and went to the dealership across the freeway. I would never ever go to this dealership. Carmax down the street have much better quality vehicle than the POS these guys are selling.
N  11th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK...AN EMPLOYEE OF THIS COMPANY RESPONDS SAYING WE CANT RESPOND TO ALL E-MAILS AND CALLS DUE TO THE VOLUME, THAT HAS SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. Don't you think a good, honest, solid business would hire additional staff to correct this problem...umm yeah!!

The bad reviews heavily outweigh the good ones. Spend a few extra bucks and get something from a reputable dealer. Is it really worth the 50/50 risk, I SAY NO! These companys are popping up all over now and we need to put a STOP THIS CRAP!!!
D  19th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I bought a 2006 Honda Element from TDA in 2009 and have been extremely happy with it. The car was as advertised and the transaction went smoothly. A friend bought a minivan from them shortly thereafter. A few weeks after the sale the engine completely seized up. TDA took the van back without any questions, offered him a full cash refund or full credit towards another van. He took the credit and drove out with another van the same day and has been happy. I'll buy my next car from them as well.
N  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I purchased a 2008 F-250 last weekend, I flew in from Colorado drove the truck back 1, 200 miles and took the vehicle to a Ford dealership for a couple warranty items including heated seats not working, navigation system powering on and off, speakers not working and flaking interior all of which I noted at the dealership before leaving and both the salesman and GM comforted me by saying these items would be covered by Ford's 3/36, 000 warranty. I got a call from the ford dealership that said it looked like the truck had extensive flood damage and all interior wiring, carpet, and seats had been replaced. The seats were not OEM Ford products and did not even have seat heaters in them. Upon further review several seats were missing nuts and bolts and were barely secured to the truck. It was also noted they had spray painted many of the trim pieces that were beige to match the black interior of the truck. Before even purchasing the truck I had a car fax ran that came up clean. Upon contact with TDA they said sorry vehicle was sold as is no warranty and that there is nothing they can do. I now have a $37K pos with nothing I can do. The customer service was horrible and I would never buy another vehicle from them, or recommend anyone buy a vehicle from TDA.
N  24th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I have nothing really bad to say but why would you look for a car on ebay and expect for the deal to go through smoothly oops! your fault. I would not do buisness over the phone dealing with a vehichle i need to say the paper work and evry detail about the vehicle. You can not fault texas direct because you decided to look for a car on ebay maybe you should make wiser choices when dealing with a car...HELLO WLORD ...i guess you got the short end of the stick and got [censor]ed with it...the question is did you learn your lesson... :)
A  12th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
BAD BAD BAD - Texas Direct Auto is the worst place to buy a car. They treat you like your cattle. They have no customer support. The sales people look like they just got out of prison. They are very unorganized. If you want a horrible car buying experience and want to be treated very badly this is the place for you. Not to mention as you walk around their lot you see flat tires, cars in horrible condition. Do not be fooled by the pictures on ebay. The cars do not look like that. Who ever hired the GM Ernest Lawson should be fired. It is just a matter of time before this company goes out of business. DO NOT BUY HERE!
N  14th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Wow, for the past 2 years, I have planned to purchase my next vehicle from TDA.
After reading this complaint board and another website: www.texasdirectautosucks, I am rethinking my plan.
I am sorry for all the bad experiences that have happened, but I am thankful that you took the time to post them online.
A  12th of Jan, 2011 by    +3 Votes
Texas Auto Direct sucks! Dont go by pictures you see!!! I found 4 cars on their ebay website when we went in to look at them the pictures were lies! Every single car had been wrecked dents torn leather and jut pieces of crap they are so disorganized and too big of a hassel its very stressful to deal with them you have to just sign in to even see a sales man and then walk the entire parking lot to see 2 cars and then if you want to test drive you have to wait in a long line to even do that! Ridiculous i will never deal with them again!
A  15th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
My husband and I drove over 500 miles to purchase a 2007 tahoe with 23, 000 miles. The photos on ebay showed the tahoe to be in perfect condition. We were told by the salesman Michael that the only thing wrong was the "cigarette lighters" were broken but that they would replace them. My husband asked the salesman several times if anything was wrong witht the vehical and his response was always none. Upon arriving at TDA the salesman called my husband the wrong name and was extremely short and rude with us then the salesman went to get our vehical so we could test drive it. When my husband went to get into the driver's seat the outside door handle was hanging by only one side. When I got into the passesnger side I noticed that all of the letters for TAHOE had been peeled off and were in the compartment on the door. The gas light was also on when we left for our test drive. After noticing several scratches and stains in the inside of the tahoe we decided to end the test drive. The cigarette lighters had also not been replaced 6 days after he said they would. When we got back to the dealership my husband noticed a run in the paint on the front passenger fender, a scratch on the headlight and a scratch on the rear view mirror. This tahoe had ovbiously been in an accident. We went back into the dealership and asked for Michael and told he would be with us shortly. 25 minutes later Michael was still not downstairs so my husback called him on the phone to come down. We told Michael about the issues and he went to get the manager Kevin. Kevin went outside with us to look at the tahoe. His excuse for the missing letters was that the carwash must have knocked them off. And that someone must have scratched the tahoe after they purchased it. He told us that he would pay for us to get the body work done in our hometown, which seemed fishy. We decided not the get the tahoe and asked for our deposit back. We were told that we could not get a refund because the tahoe was not mis represented. After a long debate Kevin refunded the money, however it has still not been put back on our credit card. When we got home we pulled the tahoe back up in ebay and relized that the pictures were not the tahoe we were shown. The tahoe in the pictures had no scratches, has the name tahoe of both sides whick were missing on the one we were shown, and had no stains on the interior. THIS PLACE IS A SCAM. DO NOT BE FOOLED MY THE PICTURES!!!

Kevin also told us about a car they got in that had b**ch written in each door and it looked like someone put a golfball in a sock and hit the vehical several times and that they fixed it and were able to sell it to someone. I feel quite confident that the now owner of that car has no idea about all the damage.

There was another customer there to buy a buick park avenue. He told us on the internet the car was in perfect condition and the salesman, Jackson, on the phone had told him the same. He drove in that morning to see the car. My husband and I was standing around when they brought his car out. It had sevral dents and was missing a hubcap. Needless to sat that man left without a car also. He was lucky he never put down a depsoit.
N  16th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
i had a similar experience I went by the other day looking for a truck and spent 8 hours there and 90 percent of the time was waiting for someone to help me the rep I was dealing with kept disappearing every time you I turned my head. One of the trucks I wanted to look at was mislabeled and had the wrong picture and no one could figure it out. They said it was outside well I didn’t find the truck so I started walking around the yard to see if the key would open up any truck I found one it unlocked and about the only thing that was right was the brand of truck. The other truck I was looking at was a 2004 and found that this truck was in so bad of condition that I would have took it to scrap if I owned it. The frame was welded back together, poorly on top of that. There was a ton of rust, the shifter was very hard to put in gear, the smell was a whole another experience I have never smelt anything like that before there was just tons of problems not listed. The only thing the truck had going for it is that it was pretty. I went and took a look at another truck and it would not even start so at that time I knew I was done with this place. One more thing the sales rep keep telling me they where a whole seller and they sale at whole seller rates the prices I checked where well over blue book prices and she got very defensive when I told her that and she presided to start a argument with me.

So to sum it up the worst experience I have ever had to buy a vehicle.
N  18th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
This company is the most unprofessional company in America! They lie about their vehicles and they lie about addressing issues the vehicles have and never follow through with any promises. Their sales people from top to bottom are rude and arrogant and the positive comments that have been left on this board are from Texas Auto Discount employees posing as consumers. I am shocked and amaze the Texas Attorney Generals office hasnt shut this company down by now and for those of you who have been ripped off you should immediately contact the Texas Attorney Generals office so others are ripped off as well. Youve heard of puppy mills well this is nothing more than an "Auto Mill" and EBAY is making too much money so dont expect them to take any action either.
"Screw me once"
A  3rd of Feb, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I have been watching this company for awhile now and I have noticed that ebay erases Texas Direct Auto's negative feedback. I caught this 5 times in one month and I could not even check it every day so I'm sure I missed some. I could understand 1 maybe 2 comments getting erased over a period of time because something was said that was against policy but 5 or more in a few weeks? Makes me think of something my grandfather once said...if it looks too good to be true, it is! Shame on ebay for misleading consumers in this way. Because of my little research project I will never do business through ebay again.
N  21st of Feb, 2011 by    -2 Votes
Just made a purchase from Texas Direct Auto (TDA) before the weekend. I must be one of the few

that actually had a good experience looking at all the different reviews out there.

I found the low miles in-warranty truck I wanted ('08 Chevy 2500HD diesel crew cab) for $3500-

$4000 less than dealers in my area, I got $2500 MORE for my trade vehicle than a quote from Carmax

(nortorious low-ballers in my opinion).

My advice is do your research, hire an inspector, and... do your research.

The pictures of the truck I bought were represented properly on the online ad. I did buy at the

reserve price offline to save a little money, so no protection by eBay. I saved $500 dollars

doing it this way, I also used some of my new saved money to HIRE AN INSPECTOR. It's worth every

penny of the $120 - $150 you'll pay to get this peace of mind. If you are driving in from out of

town (I'm from San Antonio) or if you are out of state you NEED to do this. I used Lemon Squad,

and they got it done in two full business days. But give yourself some time, from my dicussion

with the inspection company TDA only allows inspections on certain days (probably middle of the

week), don't expect to put a deposit down on Thursday, order an inspection, and pick up the car


An inspector won't get 100% of every little flaw, but they will get the major stuff and most of

the cosmetic stuff and they will test drive the vehicle. Plus, it's one of only two ways you can

get your deposit back - the vehicle has to fail a PROFESSIONAL on-site inspection or the vehicle

has to be mis-represented in the online ad.

TDA sells used cars and some have limited warranties, if your budget is so tight that you can't

afford another $100+ for an inspection on a multi-thousand dollar purchase you shouldn't be

shopping for cars.

You can hire the inspector before you put a deposit down and currently Lemon Squad will give you a

refund if the car is sold before they get out there to inspect it. You of course run the risk of

another buyer purchasing the car, but if you are worried about your $500 deposit then consider

this option.

Also - as I mentioned before, do your research. Yes, it's exciting to see your perfect car and get

caught up in dropping that deposit so no one else buys "your" car, but take a deep breath. I

watched their listing for several days and I talked to my sales rep Bobby a few times and waited

over a full day before I put down that $500 deposit. I actually found a better truck for my needs

by waiting 36 hours. Their inventory changes every 1 - 2 days. And they will let you move your

deposit if you find another of their vehicles before you close the deal.

I was able to work out all the details on paperwork, financing, and trade-in estimate online,

through email, and by phone. It took several days to get through all of this with the normal

hustle and bustle of life. They even Fed Ex'd the paperwork to me since my wife couldn't drive in

with me to sign. Give yourself some time to do the deal right. Shop your bank or credit union for

financing comparisons, let Texas Direct Auto know what the competition is, they want to earn your

business and matched or beat several of my rates on fiancing and extended warranty.

My experience at the lot was as expected. I arrived on a Friday at 3p - it was already moderately

busy - but I was in and out within 2 hours (test drive, trade-in review, signing papers), and that

was including a slight delay due to a little mix-up on what time I was to arrive that day. If

everyone had been on the same page I would have been out of there within 1.5 hours or less. There

are a lot of employees/sales people - it is kind of a mill sales atmosphere, you can't expect

these men and women to be 100% knowledgeable and know the details of all the different cars they

sell, but they have a pretty nice showroom and lot, and a play area for the younger kids. A snack

bar area, tables, and a few TV's helped pass the time. They are a little short on available

seating, I'd expect that to be a problem on Saturday's.

You should expect to wait if you are a walk-in customer, it's an unfortunate fact of life that

businesses will cater to their customer's that have money down or are picking up already purchased

vehicle. Let's be realistic people. They aren't here to make friends or hold your hand, they

want to sell cars.

My trade-in was already listed on their site 2 days later, I checked the vehicle history report

included with their listing and it appears accurate. Only descrepency is my trade was repaired by

insurance for a minor accident that does not show on the history report, but the ad does not

represent the vehicle as a accident free vehicle and as far as I can tell this an independent

history report that has nothing to do with TDA (it says provided by eBay Motors all over it). All

the dealer is doing is cleaning up these vehicles and selling them.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. This dealer is for consumers that know what they want, have

their finances in order, can spend a little time doing the research on what's best for them, and

are not afraid to spend a little money for an inspection. Will every buyer be happy? No. Will

most buyers be happy? Probably. Don't expect a lot of hand holding here, but expect a good deal

if you do your homework.
A  28th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I bought a Cadillac STS from Brian Starnes there about a year ago. That car was a total piece of crap. First, I put down the $500 deposit and said I would come the next day to take a look at the car. When i got there, they said the car wasn't ready yet and that if we could just wait, it would be ready soon. This back and forth went on for hours. Everything we tracked him down, he said it would be ready shortly. Then he made some excuse about they had to paint the bumper. Then they had to let it dry. All lies. 6 hours later, we finally got to see the car. Being so tired and frustrated, I bought the vehicle as it was a great price with low miles and what seemed like a comprehensive warranty. Big mistake. I took it to a Cadillac dealership the next week and they inspected it and said it needed over $3, 000 worth of repairs. The warranty Texas Direct Auto provided didn't cover any of the work. I bit the bullet and had the work performed and then a month later, the entire back end needed to be replaced. The car constantly made noises and was mechanically unsound. Bottom line, the cars they sell are not certified at all, they are pieces of junk. If you think I am exaggerating, I am not. Here's another example, the Air conditioning vents spit out this sticky mystery green foam when the A/C was on. I got rid of this lemon and got me a certified preowned from a reputable local Chevy dealer. BUYER BEWARE. TEXAS DIRECT AUTO SUCKS.
A  15th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes

bought a newer low mileage hummer... looked good, they convinced me to buy the added warranty and i did...B/S warranty that turns out doesnt cover anything at all... called them back after a week of having problems and they said the car is sold as is and its my problem not theirs! spent $25, 000 on a hummer that no one can fix(not even the hummer dealers can diagnose the problem) and that just sits in my garage... when i called they were very arrogant and tried to say i didnt know what i was talking about and they deal with cars everyday... congrats, they were right, i am an idiot for buying this piece of junk from them!
A  26th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
well i heard alot about them, before i went there i found 2 different prices for the same car, on Yahoo and Ebay"Buy it Now" price, and then i went there today to the Texas Direct Auto dealer, they told me to check on the computer what kinda car do you like and let me know, i have found same car that i found on ebay and yahoo and in their dealership the price was higher, i told the guy i want the car but ebay buy it now price, he said " i have to pay $500 ebay fees and shipping fees, that's become around $1000 so its same thing if i see the price in dealership, i said i don't want shipping i am picking up and the car was right front of my eyes, he said we still charge shipping no matter what, and guy keep telling me we sells 2000 cars everyday its like telling me: if you wanna buy just buy it don't ask so many any questions.
ok the other worst part is they show you dirty cars i mean the car was look like it been washed when they took picture and never been washed again, and guy told me i have to buy the car first then they will wash and clean from inside, i said how would i know if the paint job is good or bad, he said same thing again like he's a robot.
customer service is so bad, they don't ask you for anything water or coffee they are all busy in their own world trying to rip off people, and they treat you like you are a homeless
i was trying to buy something nice wanted to spend $28, 000, and expect at least washed and inside clean car.
if some of you guys still want to go there here is a Tip: even if sales person says price is firm you can break them on price for at least $1500-$1800 i have tried it and it worked but i change my mind buying that car

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