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Port Dickson, MY
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Name : Sarla Devi Subachandragopal
Tel : [protected]
Incdent : Tesco Lukut, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Date : 12 November 201 @ 5.00pm
Cashier Name : Noraini

Refer to the information given below, i would like to complain regards cashier rudeness to me, and this is 2nd time im facing rude of the cashier.

(1) I dont remember the date for this incdent because i was on hurry and just verbally report at customer service counter and walk away .I bought some stuff and sandal, and accdiently the sandal i took dont have price but i bring another sandal wit price tag, and the cashier said, its not the same and go n take another 1 the same 1 with price, and she was extermely rude when saying this tome and i do ask her back, its not my job, its ur job to do tat else u should ask any of ur colluage to do it.but im vegetable didint weigh i know its my fault and othed wit price tag if not there is not the customer fault disppoineted.

(a) is it correct folliwing the policy, customer need to walk back and tk the same item wih price tag if the item they took dont havent any price tag?

(b) she can just ask any1 to help check the price, thou as i knoe, usually there is bell or anytg if the cshier need help

(2) This time i bought some bread and seems my little son was so hurry and the que for paying was long, so what i did, i gv him the bread and que to pay for the bread and keep on the cashier tray wit some other stuff that i bought, suddenly she scolded me, why keeping rubbish all here, i was shocked, thou the barred code was the for her to scan, i was so polite least im paying for the bread and if im bad person i might throw away the packing and not paying for the bread.

(a) she should talk in proper way and explain, no such thing scolded me like tat and there was another customer also and she ask me, u keep quite thou she talking like tat, i was ashmed (im not satisfied wit this) i was angry, its effect my imej.

(b) there is no such rules posted and printed out and shown anytg saying read cannnot be eat before pay or anything?

So since this is the second incdent wit the cahsier and walk direct to customer service and report, they was like saying ok ok and dont even botther to ask me sorry, i was so angry till i said i wanna see teh duty manager, call the person incharge, as know im customer and i have my own right.So after a while they call the duty manager and report and he ask me to write shorthly bout the incdent and he shown me tat the issue been lighted in manager whats app group (im not sure in details) but till to date i dont get any feedback from any one.

So please consider this compaian, im not happy and i was disappointed wit tesco services.They dont seems follow their slogan.

Nov 15, 2017

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