Telebrands / pocket hose 50 feet

Fairfield, NJ, United States
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I purchased a Pocket Hose on 6/12/17 at Home Depot located in Auburn, Maine. The very first time I used it after reading the directions the hose burst right in the middle. In the past I have purchased these type hose and as usual they don't last. Each one of the hose's I got made the claim that had much improved. I know that I'm pretty dumb to believe these claims and purchase another hose, yet I did it. I can guarantee you that this will never happen again. This product would be great for us elderly persons who don't have the ability to pull heavy hose's around, but we shouldn't be hood winked into believing the adds that claim, "NEW and IMPROVED", as this is a total untruth and this product should be removed from the market

Jun 14, 2017

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