Teladoc / refused to give refund!! they will steal from you anyway they can!!

Paterson, NJ, United States Review updated:

I have been suffering with insomnia. I called Teledoc before I set a phone appointment to make sure they do cover insomnia problems. The customer service man said that although it is not on the "covered list", to go ahead and call them because the list is not 100% accurate. So I did. The doctor said immediately that he was not able to help me because of the type of prescription I would need calls for an in-person visit. He told me to call Teledoc and request a refund. I called Teledoc and they refused to refund me my $40!!! The very rude customer service lady said I had clicked on agreement to the "terms of service" which I do not recall doing. I asked her where the terms of service showed on the computer screen and she directed me to the very bottom right of the screen which was outside the customer information screen. I had to use my bottom scroll bar and scroll it to the left and down, just to locate their small words in blue, "Terms of Service". I explained the conversation I had with the gentleman before the Dr. called me and she still refused to give me a refund! I told her this was stealing from a patient when they do not show this "Terms of Service" at the customer info screen. All she kept saying was, "I am sorry, but you clicked the agreement button." I kept telling her, "No I did not, I do not remember seeing such a button!" And I was not able to go find that button on the screen without signing up again for another appointment! So I paid $40 just to hear only one sentence from the doctor say, "I am sorry I am unable to help you with an insomnia issue."

I will NOT ever use Teledoc again!! They are greedy only wanting your money and will use that "Terms of Service" as their so called legal way out of refunding you any money!

Jan 31, 2016
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  • Cn
      Apr 26, 2018

    The same exact thing happened to me!! they refused to give me a refund when I was trying to get a refill on a med I'm on all the time for PMDD, but apparently that is a 'behavioral med' and not on the list. That's what the doctor told me for the 15 seconds we were on the phone!!
    My husband called for a generic antibiotic for cellulitis and was refused!

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  • Da
      Jun 13, 2019

    Do a chargeback. It worked for me. If they get enough of these they will have to change to a more ethical business practice.

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