Advanced Pain Management Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Pain Management / dr. page's refusal to manage chronic pain meds

Sep 24, 2019

In Apr 2019, I was referred to a pain management center by my treating rheumatologist. the rheumatologist said they were no longer managing control of my chronic pain (from 1. rheumatoid, 2. Psoratic arthritis, 3. Gout, 4. Bursitis and more; #1 diagnosed 2005, #2 & 3 diagnosed 2010 and...

Advanced Pain Management / unethical treatment

Jul 13, 2017

When I first went to the clinic I stated I occasionally needed pain medication. I was prescribed Tylenol with codeine. Every time I went back they insisted I have injections which I told them I had before and was allergic. They still told me I should have injections. Then they started...

Advanced Pain Management / Pain Clinic

Feb 01, 2016

I was seen this morning at the Advance Pain Management .The doctor refused to listen and even called me a liar when it came to the surgeries I've had to help with the pain. She also insisted that a traumatic brain injury will in no way cause pain. She wanted me to pee in a cup, take...