TechSkillstaken advantage of

I took on the course and was sold a $8000. package this was a career change opportunity i took on. i was sold the oracle 9i program and was not told that the 10g is due for release I was misdirected and spent not just $8000.00 but for the exams as well. i put in as much time as i could but had similar issues as far at the teachers were concerned because they were too busy getting them selves certified and had very little time for students. phone of the teachers had very poor people skills and unless you were a female would talk to you in a very demeaning manner and was a very big hindrance.

so not only did I get put onto a course that was being replaced by 10g, upon asking i was never offered the current course, I was expected to put more and more time, to complete the full 9i course which was redundant.

I had bills to pay and out of a job putting into the course all I can. I was given same misleading information as far as the job pay grade.

I put time into the program. I had a family situation for which I had to leave town, I gave notice and let the teacher know, I was given the cold shoulder on many occasions even by the director as far as my progress and my career and training to excel to the next level as my membership was not extended and I left with certifications for an out dated 9i application. he never returned my call.

in the end I took on a job that can pay the bills but i am very upset because I paid for a product and was taken advantage of and steered in the wrong direction

Now that I have got myself sorted out I would like to get back to this unfinished business and take back what is rightfully mine.

i would appreciate some assistance in regards to this matter my email is houston.[protected]

1 what are my options how should i persue this matter
2 where do i stand from a legal stand point of view.
3 have others been succesful in retreiving money from this school.


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