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TD Banknorth / incompetent customer service!

1 MA, United States Review updated:

As if i could not hate this bank any more then i already do...
After spending the day buying plane tickets and other items for an upcoming trip and using my TD Banknorth card for all of it, i figured i may as well order a new card finally since the one i have now is pretty beat up. I called the 800 number for them and went through to usual 10 minutes of repetitive phone menus that try and make you do things through a computer. I finally got a human and asked about ordering a new card. "No problem". She said. A new one will be coming to you in 10-15 days with the same account # but a new expiration date and a new 3 digit security code on the back. At that point i was happy and had that been the end of the story, there would be no issue. After all, in the past, when you order a new card, it's nothing more then a pieice of plastic till you activate it. Untill you do activate it, your old card works the same. Well NOT SO with TD Banknorth!. She proceeds to tell me that while my current card will function fine at any place i use it with a card reader, it will NOT work with ANY online or phone transaction that require an expiration date and security code. I asked her why and she said as soon as she put in the request for a new card, it instantly changes the info in the system. So now EVERYTHING i bought online today and over the phone will be DECLINE! I told her "Forget it, i dont want a new card now" and she said, the change cannot be reversed. What the hell? Why would you make PERMANENT changes to someones account that will cause any purchases they have made to decline WITHOUT WARNING THEM FIRST!!!. Had she said "Before i request a new card, be aware that any purchases you made online will be rejected" i would have told her forget it. But telling me AFTER the fact? I was irate. She then says, "Well the new card will be there in 10-15 days" like that makes it better. After screaming at this nitwit and then a supervisor, they agreed to fedex me a new card to be here in two days at their expense. It still does not help me NOW. Now i will look shady and have to re-do all these purcahses thanks to TD Banknorth yet again being run by total idiots. I hate this bank, but is there any better bank in Mass?

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  • Ch
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    Ok, most of the complaint sounds logical. However, any charges made BEFORE you called Banknorth were already approved, and therefore will still go through. Once you order a new card, with any bank, the security code and expiration date are changed and updated. After that, with debit cards, you can only use the old card for PIN based transactions, not for credit type transactions. This is true with ALL banks.

    It sounds to me like you simply heard what you wanted to hear, not what the CS person was trying to tell you.

  • Jc
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I completely disagree...listen to what the reps tell you. Obviously they know something about banking or they would not work for TDBN!

  • Ki
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    This bank is so horrible and they charge you fees and scam you and there customer service will do nothing or their hands are tied to rip you off. If you bounce a check you get a fee of $35 than every 6th day another fee for $35. It cost me about $280 to bounce two things for 12 days. When I have had a good account with them since I was 10. It has changed and someone is making a lot of money who the economy is at it's worst they won't budge or bend anything

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