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TD Banknorth / Lied to by several different departments

1 Boston, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-747-7000

I've been a member of TD Banknorth for 5 years.

Approx 3 months ago I was laid off. I have several "Direct Payments" that are taken from my checking account from a few different companies. Having no income meant that eventually I was going to go into the negative- this was inevitable.

I called the Bank North 800 number to see if there was a way to "lock" the checking account so it wouldn't grow to an amount that was unmanagable- At this point in time the account was negative 400 dollars. The woman informed me she could not do anything on her end however if I called my branch manager they may be able to do something. I called my branch manager and he stated it was "impossible" to lock an account though he'd be willing to work with me in regards to the overdraft fees accrued when I was able to find employment. Having no options I said "Okay, I'll be in touch" and left it at that.

A few weeks later I started getting calls from services such as Verzion and Vonage telling me they were unable to take payments from my checking account. I immediatly logged into my online checking to see that it was negative 800 dollars. I called Banknorth and the woman I spoke with told me that my account was now "locked" due to my financial situation and credit status. I thought this was odd since I had been told by a branch manager this was "impossible". Again, having no options I thanked the bank rep and got off of the phone.

Today I got a job offer!! Finally! After recieving my job offer I logged into my TD Banknorth online account to see the status of my checking account and it was GONE. I called TD Banknorth to see what was happening with my checking account and they told me it had gone to collections. I was in utter shock that it had gone to collections simply because I was never informed the account could or would go to collections. I asked to speak with a supervisor named Melissa who was extremely rude and was unwilling to hear what I had to say. In short, the supervisor named Melissa essentially told me that I was wrong and nothing I said was true. I was then given a number to the bank's collection department.

Unfortunately the collection department I needed to speak with was closed and I will need to call back tomorrow. I was explaining my situation to a woman in a seperate collections department and she was very sympathetic and she was 100% more polite and understanding than the supervisor Melissa. I explained to the woman in collections that I was befuddled by the fact that I hadn't atleast recieved a phone call in regards to my account going to collections at which point she told me they did make several attempts to reach me. I asked what telephone number they were calling and they gave me a telephone number that hasn't been connected to my house in over 4 years. This is surprising because I updated my contact number when my origional number was terminated, and I also updated my telephone number when I switched to Vonage. Apparently folks in the department I called were not doing their jobs.

Obviously I have been lied to left and right from all levels of Banknorth- from customer service reps, to supervisors, to branch managers. I hate to use the word "lied" because there is no direct benefit to any individual I spoke with for them to give me misleading or untrue information.

Simply put I believe this bank has grown to large and is starting to unravel from the inside out. I recall when I first joined this bank and it was a great place to save your money, unfortunately now there is a major lack of internal communication.

I do plan on paying off the checking account and then closing it. I also plan to close my savings account.

I will be opening new accounts with a much smaller, customer service oriented bank in my area. I suggest currect TD Banknorth members do the same.

I will leave you with this...


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  • St
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I'm no paticular fan of TD Banknorth but in this case I'm not sure what they did wrong. If you don't pay your bills any bank is going to close your account and send it to collections. As far as being notified, you should always keep track of your spending and shouldn't depend on any institution to tell you when and how much you overspend.

    It is the attitude that our spending is someone else’s responsibility that has resulted in the current financial crisis we face. We need to live within our means and not blame others for our own actions.

  • Ra
      17th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I work for TDBanknorth and I know firsthand that this woman has been irresponsible and is refusing to take responsibility for her own actions. If she had deposited funds right away when the neg. bal. was not extremely in the negative, she would have avoided quite a bit of aggravation and frustration.

  • Sc
      22nd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I enquired with the manager of the Vancouver location about maximum contributions for a Register education savings plan . She did not know ! I advised her that It should be on annual income and she said that I was wrong . I contacted the Government of Canada and I was correct !!
    She should not be giving out information and have that title !
    She made me feel so small and I was correct !!
    Advising you that will never deal with your institution nor will I refer it .
    Thank you for taking the time .

  • Ri
      26th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I couldn't agree more. They just cost my wife $500 in fees. They are thieves!

  • De
      2nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i have also been robbed by bank north not just once but twice.i'm on lay-off from my job and collecting unemployment comp.i have cashed my check at my local branch of banknorth with no problem getting the full amount.last week i deposited my check on a friday and payed some bills by electronic payment that night on the phone.the following monday i went to check my balance and found both payments were denied do to lack of funds.when i called banknorth they said there is a three day waiting for checks to clear.the same thing happend last year the only difference at that time i deposited cash.there excuse for robbing that time was that they clear checks in the morning but do deposits after 2pm.between both ripoffs it took more then what make a week on far as i'm concerned they are robbing our money with impunity.

  • Rt
      2nd of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Banknorth DOES suck! They forget that it is because of their customers that they are even in business. People have been brainwashed over the past several decades into thinking they can't live without a checking account. HELLO, ...everyone can and SHOULD live without a checking account until the banks realize that they can no longer rip off their customers with utter disregard for ethical business practices. People should only deal with savings accounts that pay interest and don't have any maintenance fees. People need to wake up and band together against the thieves that call themselves 'your friendly local bank'. HA! I say Jesse James and Dillinger and all the bank robbers of the past are heroes, the banks had it coming, and they have it coming now. Between the EXCESSIVE FEES, 'creative' bookkeeping, and all the bull**** they hand us when they try to tell us that they are 'only following policy' when they empty our accounts every chance they get, we will all be poor. I'm telling you, you gotta start realizing your power and drop the checking accounts. Pay bills in person, with money orders, prepaid credit cards, debits from savings accounts and whatever other way there is. Send the banks a message, drop your checking accounts!

  • Ch
      16th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have an extended family of about 18. All 18 of us use to bank at TD bankNorth. Then the green books arrived. I read mine, reread it, reread it again and was outraged. I picked up the phone and called all 18 relatives, because I know they don't read this stuff from the banks, and told them what I was reading. Some read it, some threw the package in the trash, some even dug them out of the trash to confirm what I was saying.
    Needless, TDBanknorth just lost 18 accounts from my end. I went to a credit union.
    I think it is ridiculous that they want you to keep so much money in the bank or get a monthly fee!! There were 4 people in my household and each one of us had different fees. My daughter's, for example, was the most ridiculous. She is a full time college student and part time worker. They wanted her to keep 1000 dollars in the bank or pay a 17 dollar fee a month. What a nerve!!! GO TO A CREDIT UNION.

  • Wh
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    ACTUALLY, the student checking DOESNT have a monthly fee OR a balance required... should have read more carefully

  • Bu
      11th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Scot, you're not the only one. I've had several RESP agents telling me the wrong things. And they are supposed to be experts. Some of those group RESPs have super heavy enrollment fees, and they never mention anything about them until you're enrolled.

  • Ad
      5th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hello. I was very ill for awhile and my credit did take a dip, I went for a secured loan after I had paid off all of my credit card bills, except for 1. I was denied a secured loan, even though I had the money to secure in my savings.
    So, I asked why.
    No mind you, I had another secured loan with TD bank which I paid off a year and a half early- no joke.
    I was told because my account was left to a family member in case I died. Which is normal, I do not want them to go through hell to bury me.
    It was the first time too, i explained.
    Then I received another call and was told that it was my credit.
    I explained that I understood that my credit was subpar, but it is a secured loan and I am giving you the money up front. I also said that I had just paid back my first loan 1.5 years early.
    Then, I received yet another call and was told that I had applied for the loan at a branch, therefore, that is why i was accepted before, but the corporate end is more strict.
    I said that they are one bank- not independently owned.
    Bottom line folks, TD BANK sucks. They are great at taking your money and if you are a good customer with them- they will turn their back on you.

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