TD Bank Nyc (6th Ave. And 55th Street)she put a carbage can on the counter to prove me wrong!

The lines to the teller are always long and do not move. Every time the line forms all the tellers are leaving their stations, there is only a cop, and 5 other people who are standing by the door and giving out lollipops. Pathetic. Over the 6 years I have had an account there (why that long I will never know) I didn’t have one pleasant and fast visit! Not one!

When I recently went to order a bank check the teller was rude and made me rewrite the slip 3 times and at the end she misspelled the payee’s name. When I have told her that she put the garbage can on top of the table to try to prove me wrong that I have spelled an attorney incorrectly. Nevertheless, she was wrong, did not apologize or thanked me when I left. I am not dialing the number to complain to the branch manager.

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