TD Bankhumiliating and demeaning customer service.

My name is Vidika [removed], my TD Account# is [removed].

I have been a TD customer for over 20 years. I have my Mortgage, RRSP's, 2 Credit Cards, Line of Credit, Personal Loan, Chequing Account, Savings Accounts and Home and Auto Insurance with TD.

I am writing to you in regards to an experience my boyfriend and I had with Randy Diep at the TD Bank Creekside Location in Calgary (12006 Symons Valley Road NW).

There has been a couple of incidences with Randy at this location, where he has been extremely difficult to deal with and speaks to us as if we are second class citizens.

In this last incidence this past Saturday May 13, he was totally disrespectful. My boyfriend banks with ATB. He received a cheque for approximately $1000.00, from his work and wanted me to have the money to help cover our household expenses. My boyfriend endorsed the cheque, came into the TD bank with me, showed his photo ID and Randy told him he couldn't deposit the cheque into my TD account, even though my Boyfriend was standing right in from of him showing him his driver's license. Randy said it was up to his discretion, that it was not a TD Policy.

Randy had us walk across the street to ATB, where we cashed the cheque and withdrew the $1000.00, then we walked back to TD to deposit the money into my account.

While we were at ATB, we asked them what they would do for us in this situation. ATB said as long as you have picture ID with your signature we would deposit the cheque...anyone with common sense could do that with the person standing right in front of them, they did not understand why TD would treat their customer like this.

I am extremely hurt and disappointed with being treated in such a disrespectful and demeaning manor. I have always spoken highly of TD and have encouraged my friends and colleagues to bank with TD. I even encouraged my boyfriend to move his accounts and services from ATB over to TD, however, after this experience, I will NEVER recommend TD to anyone again.

May 15, 2017

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