TD Bank / debit card fraud

Cherry Hill NJ, United States Review updated:

Our TD bank Visa number was stolen. We reported it immediately to the bank as soon as we realized. Customer service told us it would be 3 days to resolve, it is now 6 weeks later. Every time we give them what they ask for they ask for something else. What they will not give us is the copies of the receipts from the transactions. They want our local police department to review the tapes from the stores and gas stations where the crimes occurred. Not sure how they can do that when they don't have a timeframe. We also created a time line based on receipts that we had and google maps, card was being used at the same time 60-70 miles apart. Not sure how that is physically possible unless it was a FRAUDULENT CARD. My personal favorite was we were told there were no false pin attempts used. when they create the card they create the pin number, they weren't using my pin number they were using the one they created, how can you hold that against me?

Jul 16, 2015
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  • Ke
      16th of Jul, 2015

    Instead of making all these lies about how you are victims of credit card fraud, why not admit the truth, that you overspent and do not have enough money to pay your bill. If you were innocent you would have no issue with them going to the police to resolve this issue. It is quite clear that you used your own credit card and are trying to claim someone is using it. You are angry because they saw through your lies.

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  • St
      16th of Jul, 2015

    Company is called Toronto dominion bank but they are actually in many cities in canada.

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