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TCF National Bank / Fraud

1 CO, United States
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I have had TCF National Bank for several years now including all of my business accounts. I have had some minor issues here and there and they have been generally good at resolving them. This is NOT the case when there is fraudulent activity on your account. Several days ago I noticed unauthorized charges on my online statement. I immediately called in and the rep told me that I would need to fax in a fraud report. We then went into the details of my account and by that time 8 legitimate purchases I had made were now overdraft fees. The rep informed me that they would be credited back to me after the investigation was complete. He told me to wait 10 (ten) business days.

Because the fraudulent activity cleaned out my account I have now reached over -$390 in overdraft fees. I asked to see if there was a way to expedite this and he said no. I faxed in the paperwork and called the fraud dept 2 days later (they claim all requests are processed within 48 hours so they will show in the system). The rep I spoke with was kind of rude and told me that I have not shown up in the system in two days. Additionally she told me that it usually takes 3-5 days to show up and it can be 10 days after that before I receive a response!

I, like every other person on earth have bills. I informed them that I need my money to pay my bills and their answer is "sorry, nothing we can do". "Wait 10 days". I have constantly asked to speak with supervisors and the same result. Sorry. Can't do anything. I tried to email them to let them know that I can't even get anyone helpful and they don't respond to email! I looked for a corporate number with no suck luck.

Currently TCF National Bank believes it's OK to charge customers overdraft fees because of fraudulent transactions. TCF also believes that terrible customer communication is OK. It is also their policy to wait up to THREE WEEKS before giving you your money back. I can't even wait until this is resolved... im sure they will jack up the overdraft fees too.

I have contacted them several times and if I receive a legitimate resolution this will disappear. Until then, the world needs to know what kind of crap they are pulling.

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