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TCF Bank / Rip off

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I recently decided to change banks. I went from a credit union to TFC bank. I wrote a check transferring all of my funds from my credit union to TFC bank. I was told by the TFC bank manager that it would be quicker if I moved the money into a checking account vs a savings account. He stated that in a checking account it would only take 5 to 7 days to get access to the money, so I did...15 days later I went to make a withdrawal and was quickly advised by the teller that I could not access my account since the check had not yet cleared. I had written a check for $24, 599.00. I could not believe the check had not yet cleared so I went to the ATM to look at my old account and found that it had a 0 balance. I then contacted the credit union and was advised that the check had in fact cleared on 8/22/08 which at the time was 5 days before!! I then accessed my new account with TFC and found that I had a current balance of $24, 599.00 so I withdrew $300.00. I then told the teller that I was able to get money from my TCF account via the ATM...She then advised me that I would most likely be charged over charge because my account had been placed on hold until 9/03/08!! I went ballistic! How dare they place my account on hold when the check had already cleared the bank! I then contacted the corporate office and found they had placed the account on hold the very same day the check cleared the bank!!! I insisted on talking to the manager in charge of the corporate office and was advised that the manager would not speak with me! I spoke to the manager in charge of the branch at the Jewel Osco store on Eola Rd and he advised me he would ensure access the very next day! I went back the very next day which was a Sunday and he was not there! I advised the teller that I was in the process of talking to an attorney about suing them for this behavior! TCF was holding my money hostage! The manager was called and he did come in and was finally able to give me access to my money so I quickly closed the account! I am now a customer at the Harris bank at which I was advised that TCF has a habit of doing this to it's customers! A couple of days after I closed my TCF bank account I get a letter telling me that my account was placed on hold because of the amount of the check...the fact is they placed it on hold the very day the check cleared the bank!!! Then they had the nerve to tell me that the acronym (TCF) means The Customer First!! I think not! Their acronym should be The Bank First!

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  • Ib
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    I think you have everybody beat-that's unbelievable but not a bit surprising. I have direct deposit and TCF bank denied my application for overdraft protection because of my credit score. This week they used 3 unauthorized pending debits to bounce $175 worth of checks (that would have otherwise been covered) and then bounced the same pending debits when they posted the next day for another jackpot of $105. They refused to stop payment on the pending debits and made me fill out a bunch of papers and said it would take 10 days. They told me they would cancel my card and cut it up (add 10 days for another card). Today I find out that they did not cancel my card that day, my insurance payment bounced and was returned (I had told them it would be declined), so that caused me a charge from them as well as another $35 from TCF. This weeks total is $350 in nsf charges. (over $700 Mar/Apr) I am writing to my Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and TCF Corporate. I am posting this on all TCF complaints - you should copy and paste your post also if you have time. This is the reason...

    Beware of the "make money from home" drones. I always wondered what that was all about. You should be getting around to 10 comments scolding you and some out and out insulting you. Example: Read your contract, blah, blah. // If you don't know how to manage a checking account you shouldn't have one. // Some will give you their sage explanation of how the system works and how you can avoid this problem like you're an idiot.

    I finally figured it out when I posted a "ripoff" report on Discover garnishing my wages at 25% can read it and see what I mean..anyway - every post was pro-Discover. People calling me a deadbeat, etc. I thought it was strange that so many people were sitting around defending Discover card in one night. It hit me as I was thinking "is somebody paying these people or what?" Ya, probably per post. So now, when I have a little extra chill time, which is not real often because I have a real job, I dedicate it to supporting honest hard working people getting ripped off and trying to prevent others from the same misfortune.

  • St
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear Sirs of TCF Banks

    As of this day 09/10/2009 you are now officially notified that I/we will no longer be doing business with your Bank and to close all accounts. This is all do to the resent issues and or circumstances that have compiled in the last two years of my 20 Plus years with you.

    Cancellation of Credit/Debit card with out my authorization.
    Manipulation of posted checks.
    No reimbursement for new checks that were never received.
    Had to pay $3.00 ATM fee that I canceled out of at the machine.
    Wrong deposits into my account.
    Fines and fees for depositing a bad TCF check and no reimbursement when it was found to be a teller error at another TCF branch.
    Internet user fees for Credit/Debit card usage.
    Poor online account/statements” NO INTERACTION”
    Many business will not except TCF checks

    Below are explanations of above bullet points

    1.Some time back mid 2007 I had opened a new account in just my name because I was separating from my ex wife. Then a month or two went by and your bank had canceled my Credit/Debit card with out my authorization. I believe that when the ex closed our joint account there was a bank mix up. “NOT MY FAULT” Thanks for all the embarrassment and inconvenience!

    2.Some time back mid winter of 2007 I had three small Credit/Debit card transactions that were posted a day before a gasoline charge that was pending. I seen in my account that I needed to put more cash in to cover it so I did. This was just minutes after the gas purchase. So what did you do? Your bank have removed the three small Credit/Debit card transactions that were posted, then payed the gasoline charge that was pending, then fine me 3 times just before you posted the cold hard cash ( the green stuff) that I gave you.”THATS NOT RIGHT OR FARE” 20 +years don't mean nothing to you does it?

    3.Back in March of year “2009” I had sent off the form for new checks but never received them. So to play it safe I had to close that account and open a new one.”INCONVENIENCED AGAIN” This again had its own fines and fees that I had to fight to get removed. And never did get reimbursement for new checks that were never received.

    4.In June 2009 I stopped some where to eat, went to get $20.00 from an ATM machine, when I seen that they wanted $3.00 for the transaction I canceled out.”OPT OUT” went with out. Then weeks later seen the $3.00 was removed from my account. Wow 3 bucks to say no to $20. Never seen that coming.

    5.Just this August 6 2009 I was surprised to see that a check that I had made out to my Ex Wife was deposited into my account. Is she giving it back to me? Banks don't make mistakes or do they? Why is there no fines or fees for you?

    6.Around Christmas of 2008 My brother gave me a check from his TCF account just a few days later your Bank had remove the amount that was given to me plus tagged on a $35.00 fee dew to insufficient funds. In the following days my Brother had found that a teller had put his money into his savings account and not his checking as his receipt had shown. Why was I not reimbursed? ”INCONVENIENCED AGAIN and a EMBARRASSMENT “and at Christmas time Way to go “SCROOGE”

    7. On 08/19/2009 as I was trying to pay my wireless phone bill on line as I all ways have done. I was having difficulty doing so because a small window kept popping up saying something about TCF/VISA Security & Protection. I was not aloud to pay this bill until I signed into this program. I seen nothing of any kind of a fee for this service as I was signing up. The next day what do you know there was the fee waiting for me in my account.

    8. Your online banking is a joke not only is there no customer interaction but it easy for you to Manipulate. Its time to trash the excel looking program! The new bank I just started in there online check works more like a check register when I write out a check I can all so type it into my account that shows up pending and when the check is clear they post it. Yours is set up so that any one that lives from pay check too pay check is sure to fail. I see this as discrimination
    “PREYING ON THE POOR” unfair and immoral.

    9.I have been seen more and more business with signs in them saying sorry we don't except TCF checks, not all checks, just the TCF ones. I was told that's why you offer the check card. Now I ask you just how long will it be till business start not excepting them?

    In closing of this letter I do hope you can see and understand as to why I can no longer put my trust into your Bank. I have been told by your staff that all the banks are doing the same. Again you lie to me in the time I spent looking for a new bank I have not yet found one that is as corrupt with Manipulations, Fees, Fines, and teller incompetence. Maybe some day you will go back to the days when the customer is number one concern, and treat every one as an equal before its to late. For I see it time for your bank to set down and restructure your banking methodology, reeducate and/or retrain staff to fit the needs of the general public.

  • Ma
      8th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am experiencing the exact same problem. Everyone I have talked to at TCF (phone and at a branch) tells me a slightly different story and will not tell my why my money is being held hostage. The checks have cleared and the money is there, but they want to hold it until I have had my account open for 30 days! It's my money, why does that matter? It seems that they just want to make money off my money. I need to pay bills with my money!

  • Ba
      16th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree 100% with TCF has been nothing but a nightmare since day one! They move stuff around in our bank account to fit THEIR needs. ALSO they bounced my account when I had more than enough money. They also like to freeze the account when deposits go in.

  • Kr
      23rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    These [censor]s try to fluff it all up with terminology, What they are doing to screwing you over by FORCING you to have overdraft fees. [censor] have done it for the last time for me.

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