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Overdraft Fees

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If I have to pay overdraft charges, then it is because *I allowed it to happen, and I have. Why would anyone complain about over draft charges when they let it happen? Granted there are times when things can slip in on us and cause an over draft; but I have found that if your account is normally in good standings; TCF will reverse the charges.
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N  10th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
Overdraft fees--my account was $20 short--the $35.00 fee caused other over draftver fees resulting in $170 in OD fees. Brancg managers do not assist but direct you to customer service - no personal service. I was told to go to a branch I do not bank with to discuss setting up OD protection. I went to US Bank and moved my four business accounts there. They sent a representative to my business to set up the accounts with OD protection. I have had a lot of OD fee that could have been avoided if the branch managers would work with you on setting up OD protection.
The tellers are great--but the policies are terrible---gouge the customers seems to be their tactic of operation.
A  11th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes
This week TCF used 3 unauthorized pending debits to bounce $175 worth of checks (that would have otherwise been covered) and then bounced the same pending debits when two posted the next day, the third a day later for another jackpot of $105. They refused to stop payment on the pending debits (why?) and made me fill out a bunch of papers and said it would take 10 days. They told me they would cancel my card and cut it up (add 10 days for another card). Today I find out that they did not cancel my card that day, my insurance payment bounced and was returned (I had told them it would be declined), so that caused me a charge from them as well as another $35 from TCF. This weeks total is $350 in nsf charges. I am writing to my Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission and TCF Corporate. I am posting this on all TCF complaints - you should copy and paste your post also if you have time. This is the reason...

The "make money from home" drones. I always wondered what that was all about. You should be getting around to 10 or more comments scolding you, some out-and-out insulting you. Example: Read your contract, blah, blah. // If you don't know how to manage a checking account you shouldn't have one. // Some will give you their sage explanation or technical logic of how the system works and how you can avoid this problem like you're an idiot. Just ignore them, especially the ones who mention check registers as they are useless when dealing with TCF. They conveniently removed the time of transaction off the account summary. Why would they do that? Proof that your money was in the bank when you used your DEBIT card maybe?

I finally figured it out when I posted a "ripoff" report on Discover card ... - every post was pro-Discover. People calling me a deadbeat, etc. I thought it was strange that so many people were sitting around defending Discover card in one night. It hit me as I was thinking "is somebody paying these people or what?" Ya, probably per post to cover their NSF charges. So now, when I have a little extra chill time, which is not real often because I have a real job, I dedicate it to supporting honest hard working people getting ripped off and trying to prevent others from the same misfortune.
A  24th of Aug, 2009 by    0 Votes

They changed their pollicy on 4/1/09. Now pending trans actions are held against your account and make the funds "unavailable". I ran this scenerio through with the bank manager, and she agreed, but seemed like she didn't care one bit.

-You deposit $20 in your account. Go spend $4 at starbucks on a cup of coffee. Then go put $1 in gas in your car, BUT the terminal at the gas station authorizes you for $20 (as most all of them do). When that $4 hits your account, the $20 "authorization" is "pending" and therefore the money is "unavailable" BAM $35 FEE! So you deposite $20, spend $5 and somehow are magically hit with a $35 dollar fee.

Funny that at the exact same time they changed this, they changed another pollicy, the amount that they will continue to authorize, when you're already negative! Before when you "cleared" ballance didn't have enough to cover a transaction, it was declined. But now with the new pollicy that's done away with, OH, but you can "opt" out of this part by sending in some letter to a PO box that'll fall through the cracks and nothing ever will be done with it! Now really why would you opt both of these at the exact same time. Well it's because they sneak the first couple overdrafts in there (even though you had money) but if they were to alert you that you were already negative (by declining your card), than they couldn't hit you for the other $500 in charges.

I personally RARELY ever have a problem with OD charges, cause I keep a close eye on it. 3 snow ball's this month with a total of more than $1000 in overdraft charges. All three times there was money in my account, more than enough to cover, but there were magically "authorizations" that made the funds "unavailable"... Get the ### outa here...$1000 when I actually had money in there?

As a customer I'm entrusting my money to a bank, I turst them to hold it, take care of it, watch after it, and make interest with it. I shoul NOT have to pay them when I'm doing a servie to them by LETTING them hold on to it for me. I'm LOANING it to them to make a piss interest rate so they can intern loan it back to me at 7-8% on a house 10-20% on a car or 15-30% on a credit card? Now on top of that I have to pay them out the ### because of how their magical system calculates things? ### THAT!

Becasue I did have issues with transferin money before when their online was down, I tried to get OD protection. I was told "Oh yea, no problem, with you're credit score we're going to give you the max ($2K)" Two months later, I got OD charges again, come to find out they didn't set it up. Not only that but they didn't give a ###. They had to repull my credit (which hurts my highly guarded score), and then they come back and tell me that I've had too many OD's in the last month that they can't set it up? WTF? Really? I have OD's cause those ###s didn't do their job right the first time, and you're not going to give me a line of credit cause you're affraid that I"m going to use it? How does that work?

I think what they really meant to say was, "If we set this up for you than our big wigs with inflated sallaries can't screw your ### as hard and take your hard earned money!"

Yes they did inform us though. Somewhere around March, it was on the last page of your statement, written in really small writing, disguised with a combination of legal, and "we're helping you" lingo, with statements like our debt system will be in "real time" (like it wasn't already before) sounding like they're updating to some cool new system. It was in that part with usless stuff that NO ONE EVER READS!!! Oh, and somewhere in the "we'll screw you" section of your paperwork when you first opened the account, you agreed that they could change pollicies to steal your money at any time, and you're ok with that.

Funny thing is ###s (probably who work there) get on here to defend them saying statement's like "well you just don't know how to manage your money", funny thing is that's the exact same attitude that the employee's there have too! I know that the complaint rate, and account clouser rate, AND the amount of online bashing has increase ALOT since this pollicy has enacted. Why cause we all can't manage our money? No you ### stick! It's because this policy SUCKS, and was soley implamented and designed to SCREW US out of our money... Again, why would you enact BOTH these new policies at the same time? Neither of them help us, One is designed to take the money, and the other to inflate the amount they can take. They word it like "we're doing you a favor by allowing you to purchase and by covering your purchases", the thing is though, by the time they're authorizing things because the funds aren't available you're well stooped into OD charges, AND to add to the confusion, they don't show up till a DAY LATER, so even if you think you got things straight, YOU DON'T cause they're already working on ###ing you again!!!

### TCF!!! And ### every last employee with the "I don't give a ###, it must be your fault attituede!"
N  4th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
While reviewing my TCF Bank account, I had noticed a new fee that was showing up on my transactions list entitled, "Monthly Maintenance Fee". When I opened an account with TCF Bank, I was notified that it was their "Totally Free Checking Account", due to me being a student at NIU (and if I were to have any convenience with banking on campus, i was notified that the only ATMs and the banks on campus were TCF).

The first "Service Charge" took place on March 17, 2010 - SEVEN months after I had opened my account. I hadn't checked my online banking as much as I probably should have in order to notice that this was going on. The only time I noticed this was when I went to review my account after making a purchase at the local Wal-Mart in Sycamore, IL on March 18, 2010. I remember specifically because I had used some of the money that was recently deposited into my account earlier that week for medication because I was ill - and I had wanted to see how much money I had left over after making a second purchase that week.

After seeing this service fee was implemented on my account, and not noticing anything like this previously on my account, I called the customer service number and asked them what was going on. To paraphrase, the lady I had spoken to notified me that this was an irreversible fee, and it was because my account had changed according to them, that month - she told me to look in my messages to see that my account type was changed. I followed her instructions, and I did not receive ANY notifications of any sort - mail, email, etc.- that my account type had been changed. The lady also stated that, because I did not have $500 in my account, that is why I was being charged this (I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT- which equals to NO MONEY). This is my first complaint.

My second complaint complies of simply the dates the "Service Fees" were made. The first one dated - March 17, 2010, the second one dated - April 16, 2010 (a day before the first charge was made), and the third dated - May 18, 2010 (two days after the month time period would be sort of remotely acceptable (if the charge was acceptable in the first place). The timeliness of this bank is completely absurd and unpredictable. According to their logic, I am just supposed to "know" when they decided to take the money out of my account, and not go over, even though I barely had any money in the first place.

Sortly after this, I had refused to use my TCF account for anything else - and I am assuming the bank took the hint since they closed my account, and sent the money that they caused me in overdraft fees due to their own untimely will. I owe, I believe $90.00 in total due to just their fees. Thank you TCF Bank for doing nothing, but causing me stress and anxiety.
N  4th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Actually, if you read, I said that after checking, which I do NOT throw out any bank letters. I have a file that I keep each one in. So if you had all of the facts, maybe you would be able to figure that out on your own. As you can see in your comment, you have assumed that I have automatically tossed it out. (Especially since I stated, that I checked after being advised by the TCF customer service worker. Who also advised me that it would be in my notifications, which would be simply found online, which there was not one referencing anything to an account change. )

Thanks for your kind criticism. I hope you, yourself, can realize that you do not have ALL of the corresponding facts either - and since this is a public board, and I wrote this all free hand without another draft, like most legal document have - people make mistakes when writing. I apologize.
N  8th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree with several of the posts here about TCF, but I'm sick and tired of this one. TCF SENT YOU FIVE NOTICES. One a month, for 5 months before they charged the first fee. If you don't choose to read the info included in your statement, the e-mails you receive, or other notices sent to you by the bank you are probably going to lose money. Hopefully you've learned from your mistake. BANKS WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! Not just TCF, ALL BANKS! Don't be a sucker! They count on you not reading your mail.
N  8th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Sorry. I was commenting on another post, and it sent it to your's for some reason. TCF will always reverse a portion of the charges if you haven't had any other fee reversal for 6 months!

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