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This is my nightmare experience with imperial multi franchise and tata accordian investments,
Vehicle : tata superace
Registration : dp 34 lf gp
Date of purchase : april 2015
Mileage : 28, 000km
Name : janine fraser
We purchased the tata super ace on 21/3/2015, within the duration of 1 month we had to take the vehicle in for wheel alignment as it pulled severely to the left,
After numerous visits the vehicle still had the same problem and hence in less than 1 year the front tires are already worn.

Tata told us that the canopy is causing the tires to wear quickly so at our own expense we changed the canopy and the problem still persists.
They now tell us we need new tires and that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle.
The vehicle has since been serviced by imperial nelspruit at 10, 000km they said the vehice has problems with the wheel system and thats why it pulls to one side but there is nothing that they can do about it.
The vehicle was taken to tata germiston on the 27th of january this year for
1) 20, 000km service
2) wheels still pulling to the left
3) hard start in the mornings
4) black smoke from exhaust in the morning
5) radiator fluid leaking/disappearing
The vehicle was collected the same evening, we were informed that all the problems were fixed, we left with the vehicle and noticed all the problems still existed.
Vehicle was returned the next day and again collected in the evening, same problems still exist.
Discussion was had with mark (imperial service manager) who mentioned that tata vehicles have a problem with cracked cylinder heads as a factory problem,
He called tata hq who informed him that the required parts were available.
We were told to return the vehicle in the morning on the 1st of february and that the repairs/change would be done.
Vehicle was delivered to imperial germiston, after which we have had to call on a daily basis to find out the progress, the excuses in that duration were as follows
1) tata hq has not given authorization
2) tata has authorized but now does not have the part
3) tata has an alternate part but it will need engineering
4) engineer has not returned the part
5) part has come back and will be installed
6) part has been installed but the tappet cover is wrong
7) tata will send tappet cover
8) tata does not have tappet cover
9) tata has said to remove tappet cover from vehicle in the showroom
10) vehicle will be ready by 11am on 22 february.
22 february - collected vehicle and has the following problems
1) tapping sound from engine
2) metal clanking from bottom
3) black smoke from exhaust
4) radiator fluid still disappearing
5) vehicle pulls to the left
Returned vehicle on the same day.
Mark and ab of imperial germiston say that the vehicle will need a new engine
And that will take time, in the meanwhile they have given us a tata indica for a few days, I have a snack manufacturing company, its a small new business and now I have to make deliveries in a car the size of a shoebox.
Communication between tata, imperial and us is terrible, if you do not call them they will never call you.
Our business depends on the vehicle which was purchased brand new with a warranty and service plan to avoid mechanical issues.
In the duration of all this we have communicated directly with tata hq (mr gavin)
Who informed us that they will do what they can but in the meanwhile there is nothing that can be done but wait, when I told him that we need to cancel this purchase as we can not operate without a vehicle, his response was "thats up to you" he promised to call and keep us updated but that has not yet happened.

1st march - the vehicle is now ready according to imperial, when collected the vehicle still pulls to the left and the fuel consumption is very high, imperial germiston says that these vehicles are faulty and tata is not the kind of company that cares about what the clients are going through.

7th april - we have had to call road side assist to collect the vehicle in sabie, mpumalanga because all the fuel has leaked out from the engine compartment, the vehicle was taken to imperial nelspruit,
After 3 days there they informed us there was a problem with the diesel system and they have repaired it.

July 21st - the vehicle has been taken back to imperial nelspruit because the turbo and exhaust are making loud noises, after 1 week tata informs us that there is a problem with the engine again and that tata hq has yet to approve the repairs, we are still waiting for the vehicle.

I called tata head quarters and spoke to ori who informs me the vehicle will be repaired though she can not say how long it will take, when I asked her for a replacement vehicle as this vehicle is clearly faulty she said that was not in tatas policy, I asked her about the consumer act and her response was to do whatever I wanted.

Its now 10 days we have no vehicle, I have been calling every few hours to get an update from imperial nelspruit and tata hq, tata hq claims the part is not available in south africa (how can a vehicle be on the market and have no parts) they have ordered it and it will arrive on the 8th of august.
Meanwhile imperial nelspruit claim they have found the part at imperial witbank and it will be dispatched immediately, the car should be ready by the 3rd of august.

On the 3rd I called imperial and was told the parts have arrived and the car will be ready in the afternoon, I go to collect the car and am told the parts have not arrived and my vehicle has not been worked on and that the parts are expected on the 8th again because imperial witbank did not have the part.

On the 4th I called them again and was told they had made arrangements and the part was already delivered and the vehicle would be ready on the 5th.

On the 5th the vehicle is still not ready because the part did not arrive, but the part that was ordered is still arriving on the 8th.

Later that day the floor manager tells me the part has been sent out after taliking to tata hq and was to arrive that evening and the vehicle would be ready on saturday.

Saturday 6th, the part has not arrived from tata hq, now the system shows the part was ordered but there is no eta on when it will arrive, the mechanic at imperial tells me they too have been waiting on parts for 3 months from tata hq and that I should just dispose the tata and get another vehicle.

I get very upset and the mechanic and floor manager make some calls to a senior person at tata hq, who tells us that the individual part is not available but there is a complete kit, he is dispatching it right away and will make sure its at imperial nelspruit first thing monday morning on the 8th and by lunchtime the vehicle will be ready for collection.

Monday 8th, I call imperial and they inform me the part has arrived but the work will take a little longer and though tuesday is a holiday they will work on it and I can collect the vehicle on wednesday 10th.

Wednesday 10th I am at imperial nelspruit and the vehicle was not worked on and the part never arrived.

The general manager now gets involved and insists that tata is a very problamatic vehicle and that they will arrange a trade in immediately for another vehicle, he then proceeds to offer me a trade value of r 45, 000 for the vehicle (I paid r 150, 000 less than 2 years ago for it new, and its still under warranty)
I am told that tata khas no value.

All the staff at imperial openly talk about how unreliable and useless these vehicles are and that they encounter such problems regularly.

The general manager tells me he will put his neck on the line and make sure the part arrives today (11th) this will not happen.

11th august, to my surprise I have been asked to collect the vehicle and that it is ready, I have collected the vehicle and after driving 400km there is a rattling sound from the engine and a hissing sound when in gear, I have to take it back to nelspruit again.
Now the vehicle has a diesel leak and the same engine problem that was just fixed is back.

In the mean time I have lost most of my business and my faith in the south african consumer rights.
We have no rights what so ever.

Tata should have refunded me the money for this vehicle or given me another vehicle, how it is possible that a vehicle that is not road worthy, has no parts, has no obligation to its warranty is allowed in our country is un believable.

The end result is that I have to buy another vehicle and take the loss on this vehicle, keep quiet about it because there are no rights for me as a consumer.

Tata and imperial should be held liable for this and they should not be allowed to take advantage of paying clients.

These are too many problems for a vehicle that was purchased new and is still under warranty, the vehicle will never run more than a couple of months at a time.

Please help me I am losing my business because I have no vehicle and can not afford to buy another vehicle while I am still paying for this one and even when I do have the vehicle it is not reliable so I am limited in my business this way too.

Aug 19, 2016
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