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Tata Motors / poor service and arrogant staff

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It is really painful to write such a complaint about tata motors, it is nothing but sheer arrogance by the works manager mr. hari krishnan of manipal motors who impolitely said that he would face the consumer forum for anything.

Well, let me explain the details. my car was very poorly serviced by m/s manipal motors (contents of the letter written to m/s manipal motors is attached hereto) again and again, hence am forced to write a letter to them mentioning their repeated service faults. at the time of taking delivery of my indica car I demanded a written letter from them as a reply to the letter I have written to them. the works manager mr. hari krishnan outrageously refused to issue the letter so I had to inform him that I would be approaching consumer forum for his action, he as also replied saying that he would face the consumer forum people.

I would be really happy that people who are reading this are not opting for indica that too especially with m/s manipal motors as they are sure to get only bitter experience.

The letter sent to m/s manipal motors:

The works manager
Manipal motors

At the outset I am writing this letter with pain and anguish! buying an automobile shouldn't make consumers feel like they have been taken for a "ride". my initial pride in owning an indica that was purchased on 30th september 2006 is long gone. this automobile is nothing more than a lemon.

Approximately two weeks after owning this automobile, the fiasco all began when the wiring problem. this left me stranded for two complete days while the repairs were being completed. I lost time from work and assured my management a similar situation would not happen again. it did.

On february 2007 much to my disgust, the ignition part stopped working properly. this problem required a handful of phone calls to arrange schedules so I could get to work and then, more phone calls with your company to coordinate the necessary repairs.

As if that wasn't enough, on april 2007 this automobile almost cost me a considerable time as toll again when the pickup and the rev of the vehicle completely went out. I took the automobile back in for service and wasted more time, effort, and energy.

Repair: it's a verb and it means to fix something so that it works properly. apparently, manipal motors doesn't know the meaning of the word. allow me to explain.

On november 2006 I dropped off my car, a to have the first service done and to look in to the persisting cabling problem in my car. upon picking up the car, your personnel assured me that my car was back in complete working order. to my great surprise I found the repairs were not made completely to my satisfaction. I spoke with the service engineer of mnipal motors who in turn assured to fix the problem and unfortunately it didn’t work in my favor.

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  • Sr
      18th of May, 2007
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    I strongly agree this, TATAs are not at all good when it comes to customer service

  • De
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    We very much regret to say that we are very much offended with the service that we have received from TATA MOTORS (Guwahati Assam). The reason behind is that we have purchased two nos luxury cars one is TATA Safari (DICOR) and the other one in TATA Indigo LX. We logged complains at tata motors guwahati several times, we also tried to contact your customer service cell several times but we didn't received any useful reply from your nor our cars are seen upon. The problem that we are facing from the very next day
    we took delivery from your telco shed in Safari is that the check Engine sign keeps on blinking, tire problem, alignment, pick up, body sound, the list follows, and in TATA Indigo Gear box is the main problem, then comes A.C, then pick up, etc. We are very much fed up of these problems so now we have decided to sell these cars and switch over to another manufacturer, and also make aware other fleet owners not to purchase TATA vehicles, because of there service problems.

  • Ve
      17th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes I am also facing lots of problems with the dealer's service attitude at Vijayawada, A.P, India. There is problem with Gear Box to my new decor, what the hell is going on. You never know when the problem re-occurs during a long drive. Double gears were engaged twice so far and when i am driving myself they say it is driving problem. Don't they go for a computer check-up of the whole vehicle after 10K drive at least for the problematic vehicle upon customer's request. This is going to be my last Tata brand vehicle in my life.

  • Ak
      15th of Jul, 2007
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    I serviced my fiat palio (2002 model) from manipal automobiles chennai. Although during my first visit i carried a different opinion about the capabilities of this dealership but they proved me wrong by doing a perfect diagnosis and subsequent correction of the electronical in my car. Now it has done 7000 + kms ever since it was attended by them and its running well. Very courteous and people with lots of empathy i found in manpal motors chennai.

  • Bi
      27th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Is there any point in agreeing this and posting my bitter experience too with them.

    I've seen lot of people posting their comments. Still there is no end to such types of issues.

    Is there anybody who got their problems solved, by posting their comments.

  • Ra
      17th of May, 2008
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    I strongly agree with the complaints mentioned in the above column. I am one of the unfortunate persons who purchased a Tata Indica Xeta from Manipal automobiles ltd(Chennai). The service rendered by them is really horrible and do not even provide the minimum expected service (no discrimination whether you are taking delivery of a new car or leaving your car for service or service delivery or complaints follow up or responding to phone calls)

    I had made several complaints to Manipal automobiles ltd on the above but as expected neither remedial action nor improving the standard of service taken by them.

    Will Tata consider the plight of their end-customers and set service standards to their dealers?

    V R Ravichandran

  • Ri
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree that TATA is not bothered if customers are harrased.
    I bought a TATA INDIGO 1.5 yrs back. Horrible service. Now the rear glass has shattered by itself. The mechanic at dealer Abhishek Motors says it is due to air pressure inside the vehicle. Who is responsible for this.

    I have been advised to get the glass changed on my own expence.
    Please Help...

  • As
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    I have no received my tata credit card till today.

  • Bs
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    Worst service and careless answers.

  • As
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    Plz provide me email id of tata motors where i can complain about my new tata indica.

  • Om
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes


    MADIKERI-571201. PHONE: 9448048244
    OR 9241127489


    So, for I believed in Tata, but now onwards I am loosing faith in tata.
    I am a journalist from Kodagu district. I am the editor of a local district level daily by name “Shakthi” which is running since 53 years. I am also the correspondent for “Times so f India” from Kodagu district.
    I started purchasing tata by getting Indica V-2 and then dicor and now I am owning Indica vista. It is not at all one year completed. I got the vehicle from concocorde motors, Bangalore.N0.KA 12 N-6312..
    I will start with a bitter experience from the tyre company “Good year”.Once I got front tyre problem.Suddenly, the tyre started getting bubbles and bulging. I have to travel all along from Madikeri to Bangalore concorde motors. Although I have purchased the vehicle from your Hosur Show room, I am adjusted to get the service done at your Mysore road service centre.
    The concorde people informed good year representative One Ashwin who claims to be an engineer came and certified that It is impact break and not a manufacture defect. Infact I could not meet him personally, because he did not arrived in the given appointement time fixed by concorde. He came very late. After seeing the report I had contacted him over phone. I think his conversation with me was like that he himself is the Good year company managing director. He did not had the patience to hear me that’You should reconsider, It is not the impact break, because I am myself driving, and also I am smooth driver.
    Why the good year company engages such rude persons as engineers in the company? Why, the tata people go for “Good year only”?”
    The experience was during 31-09-09. Again, today, that is 28-7-2009, my another front tyre got bubble. I cant run the vehicle. I had messaged to good year. They told that they will contact me within 24 hours as per procedure.
    If this time also if they play mischievous thing I would positively fight through consumer forum. This is just for your kind information.
    Sir, why tata is obligatory to the worst “Good year company?” can you answer this?. I request you to change my both the damaged tyres immediately.
    Further I want to ask the tatas why it has low quality mud flapes for indica Vista. The screws fixed are seem to be olden day carpentary work. I had to get right the loosened screws for more than 20 times. Otherwise, the flap will obstruct the movement of the tyres with unwanted sound.
    I have proof for contacting your service centre to get done the “Lorry type break sound in breaks” When I reach Madikeri after service from Bangalore, the same problem continues. The auto lock system is also not working properly. Once there will be sound loss, sometimes, the auto lock system does not work properly. Several times repaired but in vain.
    Sir, another major problem is when I drive during rainy season especially during night, road is not at all visible. A whitish patches type covers the windscreen, completely blocking the visibility. Some relief could be achieved only when the heater is switched on and the air through inside windscreen is moved. But, even the not responcding to clear the windows.
    Once I have to stop going with my family during night and I had to stay back in a small place, due to non visibility problem. other vehicle drivers who tried to help me also said” Why tata is like this?” To avoid problem I had got removed the tint put inside which has not yielded any good result. I don’t know the cause of the problem. It may be the fault of the front wind glass or the wiper. I had put forth this during the service which was not at all being positively responded. The incharge persons orally said all the problems are solved, but practically, I have to face all the problems daily.
    Please do something to help medium people like us. I have incurred diesel expenditure to drive to Bangalore several times only in anticipation of repairs, which has become a dream. Tatas should not limit the service by some trouble some receptionists ringing us asking for marks for the service. There is no use in simply filling the forms, collecting the marks. One responsible person should be appointed in the customer service to practically do the work. Because on that day when I complained to concorde manager about the rude talk by the Good year engineer, he could not even tackle that person on behalf of Tatas. Why they fear to favour customers. Why they support the worst behaved engineers? I still remember, Good year engineer Ashwin’s rude talk and I am not the profiled person to take such bad persons advice. Being the editor of a leading daily in Kodagu I am attending hundreds of customers daily in My office with polite nature. Please teach such persons a good lesson in future.

  • Ga
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am very sorry to write this complaint but i could not stop my self . i had taken a indigo cs from jp motors in solan about 1 year ago on 17 agust 2008. iwaent went there for its second servise as it was written on the coustmer booklet. there attitude towards the coustemer was pathetic as if we were requesting money from them.
    they took the car from us at 1:00pm and returned it at 6:00 with a very arrogent attitude and more than half of its work was pending . after looking at this type of attitude i will think 100 times before taking a TATA CAR.


  • Pa
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I purchased a Indica Vista Tdi Aqua on 23rd March '09, When i was on high way with my family near Batinda (Punjab).A small stone came under back wheel while car running on road and that results fule tank damaged. All fuel (apprx 30 lit ) spill off and no way, I was very disappointed about this incident. However I arrange M-seal and some fuel for temporary. Solution. this phase was Very horrible. Now I am going to 2nd service at your Moholi(S.A.S. nagar) Punjab show room on 5/09/09. I would like to get replaced fuel tank free of cost.

    Details of

    Vehicle Particulars
    Registered Owner's Name DSM Anti Infectives India Limi Make/Model VISTA AQUA TDI (D)
    Registration Number CH04H7443 Color Metallic, Arctic Silver
    Registration Date 07/04/2009 Engine no 475IDT14BQZP19065
    Cubic Capacity 1405 Class of Vehicle CAR
    Chassis Number 608521BQZP16311
    Hypothecation LeasePlan India Ltd.

    Conclusion: Fuel tank is not in safe position. Or provide cover plate.

  • Ne
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    Dear Sir,

    This is with reference to my car no. RJ20 CA 0498 which has been given for servicing to Concorde Motors, Sanath Nager, Hyderabad on 1/10/2009.

    This was after the car was earlier given for servicing to the same on 1/8/2009 and there was improper servicing done. In August, although the car was working moderately fine, it had been specifically requested to CRM Manager, Concorde Motors to better the overall condition-AC/Clutch plate and overall performance and the service engineer was personally met and made to understand all.

    The car was delivered after almost 10 days and the bill amount paid by us was of 16, 000!( In this amount, I paid the amount that I was supposed to get from insurance, but service advisor advised me to pay the full amount and submit the cash receipt along with an application – and he made sure that I will get the cheque in one week. I have still not got any cheque and worst part is that they have not called me back. I again sent the application and waiting for my cheque. )

    After the car was tested, it was found that infact the RPM was further worsened by the service centre causing startup problem in the car.

    The same was intimated to Concord motors who confirmed they’ll send their attendant to check into this. After one month of followup, the service guy came and checked, did some engine checks, tightened some screws and said it should work fine now.

    However, the condition remained the same which was informed to Concorde the very next day. For 2 month we followed up with them and noone came to pick up the car. During this period, we got a call from Tata Motors also, and the situation was made clear to them also, but that also did not help.

    Finally, after 2 months, they took the car.

    Now, kindly look into this- for 3 days after 1st Oct, no service engineer was assigned to the car. On calling the service advisor we found that he’s not in a sitution to tell the status.

    Day before yesterday we got a call from them saying all is fine with the car now after the carburetor pad has been corrected and we will send it across to you tomorrow morning. This was after we were folloing up with them consistently-almost 10 calls everyday out of which hardly 2-3 were picked!…However then they claimed that they are unable to find the bills of the car and the previous jobcard without which they would be unable to deliver.

    For the last 2 days, they’ve been looking for the same.

    In this whole periods we have made call / requested to following associates of Concorde Motors:

    1. Mr.Venkat – 9248077901

    2. Mr.Narsimha Charry – 9299009151

    3. Mr.Ravishankar – 9248071882

    4. Mr.Kaiz – 9395549227

    5. Mr.Pavan – 9248077915

    6. Mr. Charry – 9248077903

    7. Mr.Ravi – 9248077906 ( he is the only genuine guy there I found)

    8. Mr.Venkat – 9550256845

    9. Someone for picking – 9248077997

    10. Mr.Raman – 9248088563

    11. And many more that I noted somewhere and forgot

    Kindly let me know if concorde motors is at all the authorised TATA Motors dealer or are they some Marwari kirana shop?

    The way they have treated us after all these 2 years that we’ve been going to them is hugely disappointing. By what right are they keeping our car with them for a total of almost 20 days-kindly explain.Is there no time limit by when the car is to be delivered and is finding a bill and job card so difficult!! The car as per their personnel’s is ready to be delivered and they are yet not delivering it!

    I would be hugely grateful if you could please help look into this-kindly ensure the servicing is done well since we’ve already paid a HUGE amount for this…and at least get the car delivered to us.Hopefully you can understand what a pain it is to firstly not have your car at the disposal and secondly to follow up like this way..


    Neha Porwal


    Anshul Porwal


  • Dh
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    The concerned officer,
    Tata Motors Limited.

    Dear Sir,

    This is in regard to my new Indica DLS car which I purchase on 10th of August, 2009 by “Him Motors” Patparganj, New Delhi. The car was financed by Tata Motor finance Ltd. itself. Mr. Sriwastav the Marketing Manager was looking after my case. The papers for the registration of my car are being processed by the showroom to Noida Authority. The RTO SLIP bearing the registration No. UP 16 X 9995 is being generated approximately before a month. The car had been sold by the showroom. The total payment had been made by me at the time of the delivery of the car. Now till date the showroom is not providing the Registration Certificate (RC) of my car. Even the employees are ignoring my calls and when I visit the showroom they didn’t talk with me in proper manner. They said the car had been sold. Now I have to wait for the RC for a long without giving and proper assurance. Even on the date on 18th of Oct. 2009 when I visited showroom last time, I make a complaint to Mr. Yogesh Narula GM but he did nothing even same day Mr. Sriwastav insulted me for complaining Mr Narula. Mr. Sriwastav is giving very silly excuse that the RC is till not collected by the authority because the employee concerned is on leave for last 20 days.

    This complaint is not relating to the RC. Now I kindly request you to teach Mr. Sriwastav how to behave with the customers of TATA. I went to TATA Motors because I believe in the brand TATA. But if this type of employees will remain working with your organization, I have to say they may spoil the image of your company.

    Yours truly,

    Mob. (+91) 9810062785

  • Vi
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I am a proud owner of a TATA Indica car. Model – Indica V2 DLS, Chassis No.6004144WZP97841, Vehicle Regn. No. KL2R-5549. I serviced the vehicle promptly in your authorized service centre namely KULATHUNGAL MOTORS Thiruvanathapuram and I was getting good mileage and performance. 2009-October first week, I approached your authorized service centre KULATHUNGAL MOTORS Kollam to rectify two complaints, 1. A/C complaint 2. Rain Water leakage into the vehicle. I got the vehicle on12-10-2009 . While taking delivery I asked the service engineer about the leakage. He gave assurance that they have checked my vehicle properly; they replaced door rubber beadings and rectified the problem. (Bill Amount Rs10519) .In next rain, I noticed that the leakage exists as same as it was. So I approached the same service centre and service engineer suggested to replace the glass beadings.

    From the above I understood that your authorized service centre doing trial and error method, without identifying the problem. Now I can’t use my vehicle in rain. From your authorized service centre I got bitter experience. People expect prompt and efficient service from authorized service centers.
    Kindly do necessary steps to rectify my vehicle leakage problem without any delay

    Yours faithfully B.Vijayakumar
    KOLLAM : 691 004

  • Lo
      13th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Plz provide me email id of tata motors (Authorised Company Official at Indore)where i can complain about to solve our Tata Winger problem.

    My Email Id:

  • Dr
      20th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    i dr. swati tewari, purchased a indigo manza aura abs on 10 dec 2009 from shri balaji motors mordabad u.p. its music system was not funtioning properly, it has been removed from the car after first service on 10 jan 2010 and the staff is showing no interest to send the music system at desirable place for its repaif or replcement. car's left front door was not closing properly, this problem is also persisting

  • Ri
      10th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    My Indica LSI had a brake failure on sunday near kandivali station (MUMBAI) and i realised that there is a Tata Authorised service centre in Kandivali West (Wasan Motors). I drove the car there to repair the brake failure in the evening around closing time. They returned the car on the other day at the closing time. After the repair I have found that there is too much of rattling noise in exhaust pipe now and after driving few kms the gears got jammed. May be it is because they did some clutch setting in such a way that even after the clutch is being pressed to the fullest it is not helping to change the gears smoothly. Infact i have to use full force with two hands to change the gear.

    I don't understand how come everytime i give my car for repair, they give me with 2/3 other problems which never existed.

    I love my car like anything and maintain it to a good condition. One of the reason for buying a petrol indica even after knowing that it doesnt give good mileage is because it doesnt make noise like diesel variant. I have started hating Tata like anything. Don't understand why do they keep such bunch of clowns as enginners who doesnt know anything about the cars.

  • Ru
      5th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have repaired gear and change with general checkup of give me me details of mechanical charge.

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