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TATA Indicom / Fraud and cheating customer service!

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I have purchased this mobile under scheme of two year out going free to any tata to tata mobile, but my free outgoing facility has been bared with in 4 months of purchased and no body is giving me right answer why this scheme has been stopped to my mobile. I contacted customer care and dealer also but they are unable to make me satisfy. Definitely tata is not a cheater but his company is a cheater who can make us fool... But not for a long time it will go out of range with in some years... Cheater can not live for a long time in market...

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  • Ka
      20th of Oct, 2006
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    Here is my experience with Tata Indicom who are saying that we are perfect in address verification and services.

    I had taken a Tata Indicom prepaid CDMA connection in Bangalore, India 4 months back (in June'2006).

    I have submitted all the required documents and felt that the services are so pathetic and there is no customer support for that company.

    Now, in Oct'2006 I have relocated to Pune, India and I visited a Tata Indicom showroom called Smartek in Chatushrungi temple road near Pune University circle where two useless young girls are managing the showroom.

    I requested them to transfer my connection from Bangalore to Pune. But, they told it is not possible and they asked me to take a new SIM card and get a new number.

    Then, I accepted for that and took a new SIM and number by paying once again the activity charges, etc. I submitted all the documents whatever they asked, at that time itself. They checked the documents and accepted. Then I felt very happy about Tata Indicom ( I felt probably they might have learned from their mistakes).

    But, the happiness is not there even for 1 week also. I am getting the SMS messages saying that your form is not complete and submit the documents.

    Then immediately I approached the same Smartec showroom (even though it is far for me). They told, 123 people from Tata indicom will send sms like that only to all the people and don't worry because your services are not interrupted. They have not even enquired about my case.

    Then after 2 days, my outgoing service is cut and not working. Then immediately I approached the same show room. Then they told me that, may be some of the documents are missing (they don't even have interest to find out which doc is missing because they already got the full money). Then, even though my wife is pregnant, along with our 2 yrs old kid, I sent my wife to that showroom to submit the docs ( as I have busy schedule in office).

    She went there and submitted the docs once gaian. That time also they does not know what is missing in the docs. My wife came back and then she got a call from same showroom people saying that "the photoID which we have submitted and the photo which we had given are not matching" (eventhough both are mine only and I had given letter from my company also which is a gaint in IT industry).

    Then we were shocked as the photoID (Pan card copy) and the photo that we had given are same.

    OK, I called several times to that showroom from public booth and once in 100 trails, they used to lift the phone as if they are busy talking to customers.

    Then the next day, my incoming also cut and phone is of no use. But I paid 700 Rs for activation and 1 month validity. I need to do lot of communication with mypeople since these days and which is missing becoze of these Tata Indicom Stupids.

    Now it is almost 1 week, daily I am calling those stupid people and they will reply me that today it will be done sir, no problem, good day that.

    I am very much upset on the pathetic services they provide to customers. What I have to do?
    Tata Indicom should not trouble the genuine customers by saying that 100% verification we are doing.

    How many times, they will verify even for prepaid connection is it required to check in bangalore and pune separately, the same customer?

    They don't have any online systems to check a consumer details?

    The customer is paying huge amounts for initial it not their responsibility to come and collect the documents if any thing they feel it is missing?

    Why the customer has to go around the Tata Indicom show rooms like to Govt offices in India even after paying the money?

    Pl help me and give me some good suggestions

  • Pr
      19th of Nov, 2006
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    The authorities of TaTa Indicom now a day abbeting the Act of Waging war against India on the juncture of Mobile connections to the People relating with West bengal;the reason is they are demanding and recognising the identity only on voter's identity cards.
    The infiltrators from Bangladesh are residing near about Twenty Lakhs in West Bengal with forged Voting Cards
    and recently I made a Complaint against the Director of Indicom Servises. Thanks

  • Mr
      4th of Dec, 2006
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    I have purchased this mobile under scheme of two year out going free to any tata to tata mobile, but my free outgoing facility has been bared with in 4 months of purchased and no body is giving me right answer why this scheme has been stopped to my mobile.I contacted customer care and dealer also but they are unable to make me satisfy. Tata indicom cheated me!

  • Va
      11th of Dec, 2006
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    I m already a post-paid customer of tata mobile and tata walky. My tata mobile number is 9212759172 (plan 499) and my walky number is 0120-6455711(plan 349). And both facilities are using with your free of cost handset and walky scheme.

    I m not very big customer but i m a good customer for tata-indicom. I think that. I am very happy with my tata connections.

    But now i m very sad with this because i lost my mobile since 4-dec-06. So, i m already complain to police and submit a xerox copy to tata office.

    Now, i want a other mobile set for using my connection, but your customer care officer say that it is not possible & and you are buy a new mobile for this. But i m not in this situation that i buy a new cell. So, i m given a option that i have already a gsm mobile set so please provide a sim for this of my number.
    But officer say that it is not possible.

    Then, i say that if all are not possible so please disconnect my mobile account. But now he say that we can disconnect this but you are pay rs.2500 for disconnect fee before account closing.

    Then i object that why i pay this amount. Then he say that you are already sign 2 years agreement for this account.

  • Am
      4th of Jan, 2007
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    I have very very bad experiences with Tata Indicom customer service which made me write this email.

    I am also using Dial up internet connection through Tata Indicom Phone since 2 month through Tata Indicom phone; I opted for 350 month rental Plan (500 MB Free download)

    One day I was checking my phone unbilled uses, I was quite surprise when I heard that my unbilled uses is around RS 4300

    Then I called customer service to confirm how it reaching to this amount, also how I can check the internet uses

    How I can check how much MB I have used till now… but as per customer service executive you do not have any system from where customer can track the uses of Internet.

    They requested me to wait till bill generates. I waited and found the bill of Rs2300

    Then I requested customer service to change my Internet plan to 1 GB, I came to know that this can be only changed in the next billing cycle.

    Then I requested to cancel the connection

    I got call from one lady in 2-3 days confirming the cancellation of connection, she told that she is going to call me in 5-10 mins just to offer some other internet plan which can be suitable for me.

    She never called me

    After 2 days I found that my number is disconnected.

    I called customer service to reactivate the number. They informed me that I will have to go to public office to re-activate the number. I went public office (CP office) on 30th Dec-06 and made request, they told that my number will be activated in 24 hr (Request number 319263084)… but still my number is not active, I called customer service around 25 times but with no responsible response

    Please note: This is not the only bad experience with Tata Indicom which made me to write email

    I am requesting customer service executive to changes my billing address since 1.5 yrs and still not changed although when I have submitted my new address proof 5-6 times to the Tata Indicom

    I was not able to use Tata Indicom service for 2-3 month due to problem in Instrument. I called customer service more than 100 times from my Mobile… but with no response

    Then I went to Public office with Instrument then they replace my instrument with new Instrument.

    Now I am very irritated, I wasted 5 days just waiting for activation of My Tata Indicom Number so that I can use Internet. My lots of work has been suffered.

    The Reason why I am re-opting Tata Indicom is I stay in Dwarka Sector 18, New Delhi where is is no other Internet service provider...

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Vi
      6th of Jan, 2007
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    I have disconnected my std booth on 8th august 2006. My std no is 5755018 situated at belgaum. Till date i have not got my security deposit back. In spite of various reminders and call the the sales executives till date there is no positive response. Please let me know who to contact and how i can get my deposit back. The service of tata indicom is one of the worst which i have experienced, for which i had to disconnect my std connection.

  • Sa
      21st of Jan, 2007
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    I bought 3 tata phones for 3 months continuously i got wrong inflated bill.. i.e. bogus bills and on complaining the bills were corrected and now even after making the payment of bill my no /s outgoing has been barred 2 times..

  • De
      5th of Feb, 2007
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    We are facing over billing problem from last 2 months. Despite several reminders no action has been taken. At the time of connection we have been misinformed by TATA executive regarding call rates. He told us 50 price per minute outgoing call rate from mobile to other phones. But through our bills we came to know that it was coming to be more than 150 price per minute. This is an act of fraud from TATA end. We had lost complete faith in Tata Indicom as a genuine service provider company.

  • Ms
      13th of Feb, 2007
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    I have a connection of tata indicom with a scheme of tata to tata free anywhere in punjab and having my roaming free while throughout in india with a rental charges of rs 100 after 3 months disconnection of roaming facility i started it again and rent was rs 150 ok no problem now they are saying that facility has been stopped while purchasing that connection they had said it's for lifetime although u will get some discount for one year now they have stopped roaming facility.

    Next problem is with their site which never opens u can try hundred times and always a reply came from customer care sorry mam or sorry sir we are trying.

    Their bill never comes on time last date to submit the bill is 1st of every month and bill comes on 7th of every month.

    Lots of problem with tata indicom.

  • Ha
      14th of Mar, 2007
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    The total number of sites devoted to complaints against Tata Indicom are 75,000 and are growing by the day. An additional site would make no difference. The difference would only be made by a national call to boycott all Tata products. Alternatively, the entire matter needs to be made an election issue and only then would India wake up.

    What a shame for Jamshedji Tata. He must be turning in his grave provided Tata Indicom has not already pillaged it.

  • Am
      25th of Mar, 2007
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    Tata Indicom offered its customer a add-on pack called Free Incoming While Roaming, and within which all the roaming incoming charges were waived off for an additional fees.

    After around 1 year of pack offering they suddenly stopped offering the limited pack and made it a limited minutes free, for new customers, per TRAI's directive.

    But to surprise they now started sending letters to existing Indicom mobile users, stating the offer to be of limited minutes from the unlimited incoming minutes, and that too a mere number of 750 minutes for the same pack charge of Rs. 150 (not sure if every one was offered the same).

    The reason is mentioned as TRAI's directive. The question here is why did they at the very first place offered the pack without confirming the policies and protocol. Secondly, did TRAI asked them to roll-back the pack from existing users or is it the Tata tele-services using this opportunity.

    If its TRAI, then they fail on there statement of 'working towards consumers interest', since roll back of a pack offered and subscribed means breached commitment of a service provider to its customer. And if it’s just the TATA tele-services, then it users should get together and raise a voice against this inappropriate step, and that too by an arm of the most reputed organization of the country.

    Its time to be together and protest, else many other companies will continue to follow and exploit customers and to use them up to there need.

    I have written letters to various consumers forum and I would appreciate every one to raise a voice against this.

  • Ba
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    Please don't ever go for Tata Indicom broad band service. Its really pathetic. I am thinking of hanging my self for opting Tata Indicom. I am really depressed by calling Tata Indicom Customer service. All the time they say "The issue is in progress, we have taken it as top priority one. " But you will not get the solution at all.

    In total 30 days of connection I used the connection only for 6 days. The rest all days went just calling customer service.

    They already took 6 month charges from me and now they are not at all providing service.

    I paid around 500/- as my telephone bill for calling cust care centre.

    Please help how do I handle these guys. Which is the good way to fight against Tata Indicom.

  • Ra
      27th of Mar, 2007
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    Hi All,

    I have been under heavy depression since last month although i started as soon as i applied for tata indicom broadband.

    1) It is horrible that a internet and telephone company does not have toll free no in an era where Pan wala's have toll free no's

    2) God knows how r running this company, the company who is not bothered about its revenue (u can't recharge your account from web it is down since last two months) you can imagine how much it will care about it's customer after selling the product

    3) Due to that problem i requested for recharge coupon 6 march and after calling 20 times it's got delivered on 20th of march.

    4) Then after recharging it, it never worked when i called they started fooling me (like i am a layman ) that there is cable cut we r looking into it and we will give you a call. I checked that i am able to ping default gateway it means there is no cable fault from my end to server connectivity further i told them that i am not able to ping DNS server it mean there is problem on server side.

    5) I have called them three times daily they come up with same reply that problem will be fixed today only and you will get a call today itself.But nothing has happened.

    6) If that is sate of service why don't you shut down your shop and say we r not able to run the business

    7) why they have not provided e-mail of top exec if they r taking fat salary, they r more accountable and should be able to reachable by common customer

    8) Finally i guess out of u alteast must be loyal enough to TATA group will highlist this to the highest level And make people awake in this company...

  • Fe
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    From Morning I had been trying from My Prepaid TATA INDICOM call, all it says is 'This service is currently not available on your phone' I cannot receive calls from morning the same computer played message is played.

    I am asked to call121 to subscribe and I get a message saying that the person I called is busy... earlier,... later when i got through 121 I dial & follow the the computer message it says this is not a valid No...

    I cannot call, I cannot receive calls,... wish I could speak to Tata.

  • Am
      29th of Mar, 2007
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    I got tata postpaid few moths before with free unlimited incoming roaming with the extra charge of Rs. 150 per month, it was very attractive form me because most of time I travel for business. Now They inform me they are limiting the same for 750 minutes. Its total cheat of customer and mental harassment, if somebody can do some thing then taught the lesson to them.

  • Ra
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    Sub: A Public Nuisance - TATA'S THE GOONS

    This company in India "Tata Indicom" is famous for harassing the users of their phone service in general. The company with good reputation in Truck manufacture and Steel manufacture diversified into telephone service by acquiring 'Huges Telecom' in India for fixed line telephone. Their entry in this sector expanded to the huge population base in India with cheap cell phones at a price of US$45/= including a handset made a initial headway. I was one of the unfortunate subscriber of this company phone 2-3 years back due to some urgent need for business. All authentic documents were submitted to their dealer, the handset was sold to me only after address verification of my address and the number 91-9224413742 was activated.

    Yesterday after many many years I received a text message (SMS) asking me to visit their dealer for address verification since their system is faulty and the address is mis-matching. This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd of a large company like TATA's in India to request for this confirmation. They are not equipped to handle a customer base and hence keeps wrong records of their subscribers.



  • Al
      5th of Apr, 2007
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    Sub: Wrong data cable & charger not working

    I ordered a data cable from tataindicom website and made the payment. When I received the cable the software CD was damaged and the cable send to me was of some other model. I complained regarding that and got a reply that company would revert back to me in 15 Days. Its been a month now..... Then on 4th April I bought a new handset from TATA Hub at New Friends Colony. The charger of that Nokia phone was not working and the person in charge told me to take the charger to Nokia repair centre, and they cannot do anything about it. The next day is a Holiday in Delhi so I have to wait with a dead phone for next 2 days and wait what Nokia has to say about it. So I spend 700Rs. and bought a new charger. This is the service of TATA. Keep it up.

  • Pu
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    Let me begin by saying that Tata Indicom is the biggest cheat and fraudster company I have ever come across in the Consumer market. I bought a Tata Indicom Walky last year and just after 3 months of getting the connection, these people started sending inflated bills. Upon complaining, I was promised that the amount would be adjusted in my future bills, but that never happened. To add to it, they disconnected my outgoing saying that I need to pay the inflated bills. Their customer service... as bad as it can get... infact its worst I have ever seen. Anybody and everybody reading this post...please... I would request you not to go for Tata Indicom ever... IT SUCKS!

  • Vi
      18th of Apr, 2007
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    Sub: Its the company of liars s and all the employees working in the customer care are big liars!

    I booked two mobile and i haven't received in 20 days but commitment was made for 5-6 days. I call customer care 66551515. I register the complaint i speak lots of people. There executive become there own supervisor and tl and even manager. I call for 5days every time commit to receive my mobile with in 24 hours and also call back. I haven't received any call back not mobile and every time i call there is new supervisor and when tell him that i had world with tl by the name this he say there is no tl of this name and no manager of this name. Customer satisfaction if just nothing. They just make the people fool there is no management in customer care executive are there own boss and they what they like.

    I really unsatisfied with the customer care of tata.

  • Ph
      18th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    Even i had the same experience. How come will they with drawn the facility which is promised to be life time.

    They are just using TRAI name to cover their mistake. Can't we do anything in this matter? Atleast it will be good if get the deposit and the handset amount back.

    Guys any idea?

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