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Tata Indicom Broadband / Customercare is the worst!

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I have following complaints against TATA Broadband. Please tell me how I will take actions against the TATA Broadband because this effect on my business. One more thing can put this complaint on your website its very helpful for me & those who to think to subscribe for TATA Broadband.

Internet is not working till date. I pay advance every month but still my internet service is not working. This is very worst service from TATA. This worst service is effect on my business. Who is responsible for this?

Every month I face these problems.

Customercare was only give complaint No’s but they are not solved properly temporally you give only options but not solved the problem. Customercare No is on hold continually. If the phone is connect after waiting 6 minits the customercare executives disconnect the phones. If write a email no there is no response of email. If any one registers complaint online customer executive mark the problem solved. This is worst Service from TATA Indicom Broadband.

They tell this is postpaid connection but they charge as prepaid connections they get advance every month form me. Following Complaint that not resolved till data but your customercare executive was mark that the all complaint are resolved.

Take actions against your customercare executives they talk is very worst.

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  • Ga
      3rd of Oct, 2006
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    Tata Indicom Broadband - Installation problem

    I paid for a router installation on 15th May 2006 and am still waiting for it to be installed. To get a router connection, I had to switch to a higher usage plan, so I had to pay a plan change fee, a router charge and clear my dues till the time the check would clear, ie.. a few days ahead of my current usage. I had to courier my docs and checks to an unknown person and address. Even though they have my checks and I can see the plan change in my account details, they have not installed the router. Each time I call to complain, I am given a new complaint number and nothing else happens. Tata Indicom is a really pathetic company. All they do is to give out complaint numbers and nothing else. Someone really needs to take them to consumer court.

  • Am
      11th of Nov, 2006
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    I too have a same issue

  • Ja
      9th of Dec, 2006
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    My request for Disconnection of ACC000109890 Appln 1318515 is pending for 2 months.

    The dead wires & modems are an eyesore.
    This more than the refund irritates me!

    The TataIndiComBroadBand service was OK when it began but recently(from May 2006) was very poor.
    I have very recently taken BSNL DataOne which being through telephone looks more stable.

    I was prepared to pay a premium for good quality service but unfortunately it did not happen with TataIndiComBroadBand.
    In fact I was eager to go in for a static IP Rs.650/month scheme but they never moved an inch despite infinite reminders.

    My experience with reminders is pathetic

    BSNL DataOne is far cheaper though without a static IP.

    I am really frustrated with dead wires of TataIndiComBroadBand dangling from my window.

    It is indeed sad that Customer Service (Retail-India) have themselves to raise complaint numbers 1158034 & 970680
    to try make rest of TataIndiComBroadBand work.

    They are giving a good brand name TATA a very bad image.

    Time Mr. Ratan Tata intervened. The great tradition of Jamshedji's cos like Tisco & Telco are being sullied by the gross inefficiency that has set in Tata Indicom.

  • Ab
      9th of Jan, 2007
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    TATA INDIACOM BROADBAND is a shame to VSNL's goodwill over the years. This has been the worst customer service i have ever received. Right from getting the connection till date. I happened to take the prepaid connection for 3 months. The executive took the details and teh cheque and never answered my call nor gave the connection , getting tired of it i got the application canceled and cheque stopped.

    15 days later i get a call from another TATA INDICOM executive who gave all possible assurances and i decided to give a second chance not know what i am putting myself into, today i feel as if it was a planned to harass me.

    I got the connection used it for 8 days after which was not in town, i returned after 9 days to find the connection does not work anymore. Logged the complaint with the CC which has the highest possible skill gap amongst employees. Today its the 5th day and the issue remains unaddressed, i have made 20 calls which went in vain.

    The worst is yet to come, i was advised by Billing helpdesk guy to get it canceled and i would be refunded the balance, and later i was told its not possible to refund but we can cancel the service. I was made to send a mail requesting cancellation by giving wrong information now i don't know what will be the end result.
    I feel after reading so many similar experiences everyone should go to press about this people, they think they can just do anything because they have VSNL's back...

  • Mr
      9th of Apr, 2007
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    I had a tata indicom broadband and i requested them to terminate my account i cleared all my bill as said by them and they took 2 months to terminate my account and after that they took 2 months to collect the unit from me and till now after 4 months they have not yet refunded my deposit which i had paid them earlier i have a very poor and bad experience from tata indicom and this a very shameful thing for tata indicom as related to customer service

  • Sr
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    Tata Indicom Broad Band & Wireless system is worst service provider on the earth. They commit something & give something.I have lost 3000/- rupees in the broadband connection by paying in advance. There is no service. I have complained more than 500 times & now given up.

    Again I did the same mistake by taking the Tata wireless service by paying 4500/- But every month I am getting 2000/- bill without using it. In spite complaining 1000 times there is no solution. The billing system is so poor that i am getting the call details of 500 calls every day which is impossible for any human being. They have barred my incoming service although the incoming is free for lifetime.

    Now I have full of useless Tata instruments (modem, Phone, Adopter) which can't be used as toys. Overall the TATA products are useless. They have not developed their standard to come to the market.


  • Sr
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    Never go for tata indicom wireless services. You will get inflated bill every month.400/500 calls every day. In spite of complaining several times every day, there is no have to visit to their centre. They will give a mail id which is useless. All the people in this office are useless.

    They are the worst service provider under the sun.

  • An
      16th of May, 2007
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    TATA Indicom Services - Not solving the TATA concern problem

    I switch to tata for the better services but i think it is the worst service provider yet. I have a rental connection i requested to activate some scheme in it but they hadn't done their job for the last 48 hours. What can be the more poor services then tata?

  • Ma
      29th of May, 2007
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    Tata Indicom / BroadBand Services - Very poor customer care

    I don't understand how the support system in TATA indicom broad band services work. Either they are least bothered about customer's problems or they are over smart in playing with the customers. Even after 15 days of registering the complain on no net connectivity, I find no engineer has turned up till date. On inquiring the customer care on my complain status, I am told that the ticket is closed with the comments "as the connection is working fine". I am amazed at the unhealthy work practices by the company. I still remain to have some engineer turn up to get my connection restored. In the event I do not get any guy, I might get the connection removed.

  • Bp
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    Tata Indicom Broadband's customer care motto seems to be "Don't care for customers". Their phone reps
    are totally clueless except to suggest you to power cycle the router. Once you sign up for the service, if it works, be happy. Else, not even god can help you. Of course, you can still pray till Tata Indicom decides it's time you get your service again, whenever that may be. - Unfortunate customer from Hyderabad

  • Ka
      5th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes
    Tata Indicom - Very poor customer service!

    I had bought a tata mobile on 17 dec of 2007, 2 month after my phone connection automatically cut from the tata indicom customer service. I have submitted my all id proof and other required document to k10 at canaught palace. But still they have not started my connection. I had gone to k10 7 times, they opened my connection and for a day and automatically it disconnected in a day.

    So what i do for regarding this. This is a very poor customer service.

  • Su
      28th of Jul, 2007
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    This is mail reply for not resolving a query even after 20-30 calls to customer care. After sending so many complaints online, offline, on phone and manually and after getting harassed from Tata Indicom, I just have a question, how can I get back my money from Tata Indicom for which I have given for internet+phone. This connection is taken from ESI office of Tata indicom and they cheated me for everything they said before taking this connection.

    My complaint no. is 79358631

    At any cost I don't have trust on Tata Indicom so I will not proceed for any business relationship with Tata Indicom.

  • Ra
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I truly agree, Tata Indicom Broad band services is actually Tata Fraud Band Services. Their Customer care helpline is one of the worst, most disgusting & terrible helplines in the entire World. They are mere Puppets, empowered to do nothing but just talk one line viz " We have forwarded your complaint to technical dept & they will get back". This is the case even if your complaint is over 25 days old. (Give a try by calling 60607070. If you want to talk to supervisor even at 11 pm in the night, you will have to wait at least 1 - 2 hours before they come online).

    I have also written to Mr.Ravindran S, senior officer in VSNL but he has chosen not to reply. The company is filled with extremely Lethargic, Bureaucratic & Complacent people right from the top to the bottom rung of their management.

    If you want frustration, torture, want to spend money on calling disgusting helplines & basically like Misery in life, please buy Tata Indicom Broadband. All the mentioned benefits are 100% guaranteed!

    Best Regards

  • Bo
      29th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with most of the above Tata Indicom Broadband users. The service is not only pathetic, buy horrendous, with the worst ever unfriendly, Customer Care, which is operating from Hyderabad. Let me explain my experiences too. I had issues with the BSNL DataOne connection, so I thought I would try with Tata. I applied for Tata connection coz of the Tata brand on 23rd Nov 2006. The cheque was immediately encashed, and the connection was not provided till Feb 16, 2007, after innumerous phone calls to Customer Care amounting to more than Rs.500 (no toll free Customer care nos,), and complaints to Managers in Bangalore. Every time promises were made, and I waited for it to be implemented. My neighbor, ironically, had connection in a week's time after applying in Jan 2007! But they cancelled the services due to frequent disruptions in connections. After getting connection in Feb 2007, I must say, I haven't been able to use the connection decently due to frequent disruptions either due to server issues from Tatas base stations, cable issues, or some silly reasons. It takes hell lot of a time to get to Customer care. I prefer calling at night 3 as the queue will be less. There are times I waited 30 minutes on phone, just to get to speak to a Customer care executive. Email will solicit no response. On 3rd April 2007 and on 9th June 2007, my 6-month subscription ended abruptly, and was asked to renew. After fighting with the Customer care, billing, manages, the subscription, which was to end in late October 2007, was given till Sept end. The services were ok in Sept 2007. Thinking that the services might have improved, I subscribed to another 6 months 10 days in advance. Again, after the end date, there were no services, which was to resume automatically. I am disappointed no senior VSNL personnel are bothered to rectify this anomaly. Hope some change happens for the good of all.

  • Ba
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    The same thing happened to me as well. I am a prepaid customer of Tata Indicom Broad Band connection. Since from a month my internet got disconnected. I asked my money back. They are telling, that provision is not there. They do not even give service. Then what about my hard earn money. Where do I go to get justice.
    They got full money but no service. I need help from you guys to tackle Tata Indicom. Can I go to consumer Court? Please let me know how to approach to Court. I really want to teach a lesson to Tata Indicom for looting the customers.

  • Na
      11th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Tata indicom coustomer service is ver-very poor, only telephonic support is avilable for your all query.

    once you have facing any issue call

  • Vi
      22nd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Guys, please list down your email Id's. I think we can match up with this filthy vermin that is Tata Indicom. Threaten a mass disconnection, apply or show interest in taking up connections from competitors like AirTel or Reliance, again en mass, and then these sloths might see the writing on the wall.

    I am personally going to the Consumer Protection Forum at the Bangalore High Court, by this week. I've had success before in cases like this, and I would advise you all to take the time to do the same. A large number of legitimate cases against Tata Indicom will do wonders to punish this harassing excuse of an ISP.

    Provide an email address / Tata Indicom account name below, and we'll collect, co-ordinate and do something.

  • Vi
      22nd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    For those who are living in Bangalore, these will come useful in taking the fight to Tata Indicom.

    Do take the effort to file a case. Your lack of participation encourages Tata Indicom in their disgustingly illegal ways.

    Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
    The President
    Basava, Basaveswara Circle, Miller Road
    Karnataka - 560 001

    Bangalore District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum
    The President
    Fourth Floor, Plat Form Road, Swati Complex, Sheshadripuram

    Bangalore District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum
    The President
    B.W.S.S.B.Building Cauvery Bhavan K.G.Road

  • Di
      23rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Watzzup just going through lot of blogs with ref to the matters related to the TATA indicom broadband consumers suffering and wanted to create a unified voice for all of us.

    Hence you are requested to provide your vsnl/ tataindicom email id and user id complaint no.

    Please drop me a mail at my email id

  • Ar
      31st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    If you want 1 mbps free internet connection email me on

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