Tag Heuer Watch / watch warranty

I purchased my $3500 Tag Heuer watch from an authorized dealer in 6/6/09. By 9/12/09 the crown would not screw back in. I brought it to an authorized dealer and they sent it to Tag. Tag then told them that it would not be covered, basically saying the threads on the crown (& tube) were stripped due to misuse. I am a VERY responsible 38 year old who works in a very passive environment. I have only treated the watch with the utmost care. Their warranty information that comes with the watch is only a page long and says it is covered for two years (unless misuse occurs). My point is that I have not improperly used the watch. No where in the operating manual does it say that when you screw down the crown to only use 'so much pressure' or 'so much torque' (if it did I would not have purchased it). If any lawyer would like to take this class action case pro-bono against this arrogant watch company just go to their web site and read their one page warranty. Then go to your local Jareds or other big jewelry store and take with their local watch specialist. They will tell you about their horror stories with this company.

I will NEVER BUY or RECOMMEND this company to ANYBODY. They are arrogant and don't stand by their product.

P.S. - I can only assume that this issue will occur probably every year and that I'll have to send it in to get repaired Over & Over & Over again. Anybody want a cheap watch.


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